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Quarter pounder with wheeze
Dear Reader,

I'm sure I don't need to remind you of my disdain for fast food. But the results of this new study are too disturbing not to share. So I'm going to do it anyway.

As part of a recent investigation, European researchers evaluated questionnaires from almost 500,000 kids from over 50 countries. The children (or their guardians, in the case of young subjects) reported on both types and frequency of food intake.

They also reported on the prevalence of allergy symptoms. This included respiratory conditions--namely, asthma and rhinoconjunctivitis (runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes)--as well as eczema.

As it turns out, kids between the ages of six and seven who ate fast food three or more times per week were 27 percent more likely to have severe allergies, especially asthma.

That number jumped to 39 percent among fast food-eating teens. And these findings were consistent across regional, socioeconomic, and gender divides.

These results appeared in the journal Thorax. And study authors conclude that they could have major significance to the public health--provided, of course, that the relationship is causal.

Meanwhile, I'm left to wonder how it's possible that we're still debating this. Of course the relationship is causal.

Childhood asthma rates have been soaring worldwide for decades now. And it would be beyond foolish to ignore one of the most obvious links in this dangerous chain.

That's why I'm just going to go ahead and issue a warning now.

Parents, keep your kids as far away from fast food as possible...because that "happy meal" is anything but. 
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Mediterranean medicine
Dear Reader,

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

At no time has that saying been more appropriate. Because a new study has shown that dietary changes can be remarkably effective in reducing inflammation--and in as little as six weeks, too.

Inflammation is a driving force behind a long list of chronic diseases. Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancers, arthritis, Crohn's disease and diabetes... and those are just the ones I can list off the top of my head right now.

But studies have repeatedly shown that you can cut levels of inflammation just by making a few key changes to your diet. Namely, by eating more omega-3s, veggies, fruits, nuts, and lean proteins--and cutting out refined grains, bad fats, and sugar.

This approach to eating is more popularly known as a "Mediterranean diet." But guess what other diet fits that description? That's right--my New Hamptons Health Miracle.

Now onto this study's details...

Researchers instructed 30 "healthy" subjects--I use that term loosely, because they were selected based on their initially poor diets--to follow a Mediterranean eating plan for six weeks.

This meant that, over the course of the study, the participants ate more fish (including a serving of salmon once a week), vegetables, and good fats from foods like avocado and olive oil.

The researchers assigned each subject randomly to either high- or low-intervention groups. They also took blood and urine samples, in order to look for inflammation-related markers, like C-reactive protein (CRP).

Meanwhile, participants completed diaries and questionnaires pertaining to their diets and lifestyle... the contents of which, as it turns out, corresponded to some noteworthy changes once the six weeks was up.

Positive dietary changes were linked to significant declines in inflammatory biomarkers in the volunteers' blood. Which suggests that abandoning junk food for a Mediterranean-style eating plan can alter gene expression within a matter of weeks.

Bear in mind that these were average young people with no known health conditions. So just imagine the results you'd see in people with a chronic inflammatory condition. (As in 175 million of your fellow Americans.)

When there are that many people who suffer from an illness, by definition, this is an epidemic. In every epidemic (except in the early years of AIDS), our country has galvanized its forces in an effort to identify its cause.

If you're old enough, you might remember the Legionnaires' epidemic in the late seventies. It made front-page headlines around the world. And scientists pulled out every stop until the culprit was found.

A mere 34 people died as a result of that original outbreak. Sugar, refined carbs, and other processed foods are silently killing millions as I type this. But is the media sounding their alarms?

As usual, I hear nothing but crickets chirping. And you've got to wonder why. Especially given the results of another recent study on the healing power of healthy food...

Researchers in Spain randomly assigned 7,447 high-risk older subjects to one of three diets.

The first group followed a Mediterranean diet, supplemented with extra virgin olive oil. (About one liter--or 33 ounces--each week.)

The second group followed a Mediterranean diet, but ate additional servings of nuts. (About half an ounce of walnuts and a quarter ounce each of almonds and hazelnuts every day.)

The third group followed a control diet, which was--you guessed it--low fat.

None of the subjects had heart disease at the start of the study. And after five years of follow-up, the participants following a Mediterranean diet were most likely to stay that way.

In fact, they enjoyed a 30 percent lower risk of death, heart attack or stroke than their low-fat peers.

These results appeared in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. And they clearly highlight the importance of eating plenty of good fat.

But I'd like to add a caveat of my own.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, olive oil isn't really your healthiest choice when it comes to cooking oils. That honor goes to macadamia nut oil.

It's got a high smoke point. It's got the highest level of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) of any other oil you can buy. It's low in inflammatory omega-6s. And it's packed with nutrients.

Most importantly, mac nut oil is delicious. And that's one benefit that speaks for itself.

Until next time,

Dr. Fred 


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Bust a myth
Dear Reader,

There's nothing wrong with being wrong. Unless, of course, you can't admit it.

In that case, you're not just wrong--you're delusional, too. And that goes double if you happen to be a medical professional.

Doctors who are dogmatic about their own misconceptions are especially inexcusable. To be wrong when you are a lay person is one thing. But perpetuating myths when you're in a position of power?

It bugs me to no end. And yet it happens all the time.

Take the special report that appeared recently in the New England Journal of Medicine, for example. Researchers analyzed the substance behind much of today's conventional diet "wisdom."

And surprise, surprise... it turns out that many of these ideas aren't actually supported by science.

I didn't need a study to tell me that. In fact, I've addressed this very problem more than once in the last couple of weeks.

Still, the findings are worth sharing. Especially now that another diet season is in full swing.

The authors of this report deal with several myths and presumptions that have long ruled the weight loss industry. Among them:

Small changes add up to large, long-term losses.

Turns out, this just isn't true. Weight loss would be easier for all of us if it were a simple static equation of calories-in-calories-out. But while 3500 calories may equal one pound of weight, the rate at which you burn those calories changes as your body mass changes.

The bottom line: Small changes are a good place to start. But don't kid yourself. You're going to have to step up your game eventually.

Realistic goals help you to stay motivated.

Lowering the bar may sound like a good way to deter yourself from giving up. But the science shows the opposite. Ambitious goals are actually more likely to pay off in the long run.

The bottom line: Aim high--and you'll likely surpass even your greatest expectations.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Who hasn't heard this advice? The idea that slow, gradual weight loss is somehow more effective has been around for ages.

But published studies have actually shown that rapid weight loss leads to larger losses--and that you're not any more likely to gain it back, either.

The bottom line: No one's advocating crash diets. But don't assume that slimming down at light speed is somehow a bad thing. Because when you radically transform your habits, the weight will fall off... and fast.

Sex is a good workout.

I hate to be a killjoy, but facts are facts--and this myth just isn't true.

During intense sexual activity, a 154-pound man burns approximately 3.5 calories per minute. But let's be honest--this level of stimulation only accounts for about six minutes of any given sexual encounter.

This adds up to about 21 measly calories. And when you consider the fact that the same man could burn seven calories just lying on the couch, the idea of "sexercise" becomes even more far-fetched.

The bottom line: That "afternoon delight" may burn more calories than an afternoon nap. But it's still no substitute for an afternoon jog.

There are several other assumptions that are common in the industry--but that aren't necessarily true or untrue. These include:

Eating breakfast will keep you skinny.

Breakfast might be "the most important meal of the day." But it's not an ironclad insurance policy against fat.

In fact, more than one study has shown that it has no bearing on obesity risk at all.

You can lose weight by eating more fruit and vegetables.

The truth is, eating more fruit and veggies is just that--eating more. And if you want to slim down, that's just not going to cut it.

Fill up on produce, yes. But do it to replace the junk food in your diet--namely, sugar and refined carbs.

Yo-yo dieting is deadly.

Look, I'm no fan of yo-yo dieting. Weight cycling is demoralizing at the very least. And when you lose weight, the idea is to keep it off... for good.

That said, research clearly shows that a checkered dieting past in no way rules out a healthy future. And there's certainly no evidence that it increases mortality.

But of course, not everything you've heard is a lie.

The authors of this latest review also list a few facts that do have scientific support. Some of them are obvious. Most of them, I've shared with you myself.

And all of them are worth remembering when you're trying to lose weight:
  • Even moderate changes to your environment can yield the same results as the most "effective" weight loss drugs.
  • Diets work--but they're also easier said than done. Success means walking the walk, not just talking the talk.
  • Exercise does help you lose weight--and it's healthy even if you're not trying to slim down.
  • Overweight kids need a supportive family and changes at home in order to succeed in losing weight.
My final bottom line: We need hard facts to guide the individuals and organizations charged with helping people to achieve health and weight loss goals.

But we'll never get there if the weight loss industry continues to run in circles and talk out of both sides of its mouth.

When it comes down to it, weight loss is a science like any other--which means that relying on half-truths usually leads to total failure.

If you want to succeed, don't just stick to your diet. Stick to the facts, too.

Until next time,

Dr. Fred 
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The Wonder Foods Cooked Up with the Help of Aborted Fetal Cells    Senomyx Flavor Enhancers
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Do You Drink Milk? It May Soon Be Laced With This Toxic Substance
Several months from now, a glass of milk could contain an ingredient that acts like a Trojan horse, invading susceptible tissues in your body, like your brain and bone marrow, and wreaking havoc on your DNA. Side effects may include headaches, vision problems, and memory lapses...
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In the study, the risks of heart disease and stroke became so grave for the control group that they suspended the study. Those in the 2 intervention groups cut their stroke risk in half, and heart disease by 30% -- and probably enjoyed their food more!
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Depending on what you toss in the blender, a smoothie could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Thanks to poor ingredient choices, these concoctions can sometimes pack more calories than a milkshake! Here, we help clear up the confusion so you can find truly healthy ingredients, filled with antioxidants and natural appetite-suppressing elements. Before you blend another drink, stock your kitchen with The Best Smoothie Ingredients.

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Research shows the shorter your telomeres are, the more likely you are to suffer from cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, and even skin aging. Dozens of studies link shortened telomeres to deadly diseases. For example…
  • Shortened telomeres increase your risk of dying from breast, prostate, colorectal, bladder, neck, lung and kidney cancer.
  • Shortened telomeres increase your risk of dying from infectious disease.
  • Shortened telomeres increase your risk of heart attack.
  • And shortened telomeres increase your risk of obesity and insulin resistance.
Until now scientists believed that there was no way to prevent your telomeres from shortening. They thought the aging process was irreversible.
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Nutritional Adjuncts to the Fat-Soluble Vitamins A, D, and K
In order to truly understand the fat-soluble vitamins, you must understand that vitamins A, D, and K cooperate synergistically not only with each other, but also with essential minerals like magnesium and zinc, with dietary fat, and with key metabolic factors like carbon dioxide and thyroid hormone. This level of complexity is a reminder that it is best to cooperate with the wisdom of nature by obtaining vitamins through nutrient-dense foods.

Did You Eat A Death Sandwich Today?

did-you-eat-a-death-sandwich-today_300Like many Americans, I love a good sandwich. There’s just something about meat and cheese and lettuce packed between two slices of bread, or wedged into a roll, that is a pleasure to devour. But sandwiches can take a toll on health. If we’re not mindful of what we put in them, eventually heart disease, migraine headaches, weight gain and general malaise may be sandwiched between those slices.
Still, with a bit of understanding on how to make a healthier sandwich, we can enjoy the meal and maintain or even improve our health.
The Sandwich Situation
The first thing to realize is that even when a sandwich is made with care, age-old recipes, fresh spices and love, the processed meats it may contain are damaging to health. In the long run, processed meats can even be lethal.
Many cold cuts or lunch meats are made from some combination of formed turkey, beef and pork. And that includes the nasty parts of the animals. They are laden with fat, gelatins and preservatives not fit for consumption. This type of cold cut includes generic bologna, ham, turkey, roast beef and other meats that are processed into the shape of sandwich filling and have a uniform color and texture throughout. These slabs of meat are high in fat, cholesterol, salt, fillers and preservatives like sodium nitrate. None of this is healthy food.
Negative Effects
Sandwiches made from commonly processed meats are, in reality, high-calorie junk passed off as food. Eaten as a daily staple, these items can increase your risk for heart disease, kidney disease, obesity and diabetes. The harmful fats in these sandwich fillings can lead to high cholesterol. The sodium nitrates used to preserve their “freshness,” color and texture are among the leading causes of migraine headaches and undifferentiated body pain. Added to that, a recent study reveals that processed meats are associated with increased mortality or early death.
Sandwiches To Die For
Dietary research published the online edition of BMC Medicine journal shows that those who eat large amounts of processed meats increase their likelihood of dying sooner by 44 percent.
For this study, scientists analyzed data on the health and diet of 450,000 men and women. Prior to the study, none of these people had cancer or had suffered heart attacks or strokes. By study’s end, 26,000 of them had died. While the study cannot prove causation, it does show that eating more than 40 grams a day of processed meat was linked to the risk of premature death. The researchers suspected the saturated fats, high sodium levels and carcinogenic nitrates and nitrites in the processed food as likely contributors to these health issues.
Build A Better Sandwich
The results of this study are scary. Moreover, they reflect poorly not only on cold cuts but on all processed meats, including sausages and bacon. The good news: You don’t have to give up sandwiches to reduce your risk of ill health and premature death. You just have to make better sandwich filling choices:
  • Do not eat any cold cut that has uniform color, texture and shape. It is processed and fake.
  • Eat only cold cuts that look like actual meat. You should be able to see the grain of the meat, the slices should not be uniform and the texture should vary. Beef slices should have visible lines of fat.
  • Pick cuts of meat that are less fatty overall like turkey, chicken and lean roast beef.
  • Pick meats that don’t contain fillers, omit additives, are gluten-free and have no chemicals or preservatives.
Brand Awareness
Making a better sandwich may initially seem difficult, but it’s easier when you know what brands to purchase. I have two brands I favor. My first choice is Applegate Farms. Its products are certified organic, have no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients and are nitrate- and nitrite-free. In addition, its animals are fed a diet that is 100 percent organic. My second choice is Boar’s Head, whose products are gluten-free, have lower sodium than mainstream brands, and contain no fillers, artificial colors, flavors or trans fats. (Applegate’s advantage is the fact its products are organic, and it feeds its animals a better diet.)
Along with avoiding unhealthy cold cuts, you should not eat high-fat mayonnaise and overly processed white breads that contribute to weight gain and other health risks. Instead, make your sandwiches on organic whole grain bread, with baby spinach or arugula for extra vitamins and organic whole grain mustard.
In any case, limit your consumption of processed meats and cold cuts. But when you simply must have a sandwich, make the better choice that can keep you healthier and help you maintain a respectable life expectancy.

Greek Islanders’ Secret To Long Life

greek-islanders-secret-to-long-life_300If you live on the island of Ikaria, a Greek island in the Mediterranean, your chances of living into your 90s is more than 10 times higher than in the U.S. The islanders’ longevity secret? What they drink first thing in the morning.
Researchers investigating the Ikarians, the longest-lived people in the world, believe that their habit of drinking boiled Greek coffee first thing in the morning boosts their heart health and is a key element in their life expectancy.
The researchers looked at the types of coffee consumed by the people in their study and found that about nine out of 10 of them drank boiled, Greek coffee every day. The folks who had this type of beverage enjoyed better blood vessel function than those who consumed other kinds of coffee. Even in those with high blood pressure, boiled Greek coffee consumption was associated with improved endothelial function, without worrying impacts on blood pressure.
“Boiled Greek type of coffee, which is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and contains only a moderate amount of caffeine, seems to gather benefits compared to other coffee beverages,” says researcher Gerasimos Siasos.

Americans Refuse To Get Enough Sun

americans-refuse-to-get-enough-sun_300Vitamin D helps to strengthen your bones. But researchers have found that even if you live in a sunny part of the country, you’re probably not getting enough sun to allow your skin to make sufficient vitamin D to protect your hips from fracturing.
When researchers looked at the vitamin D levels of 1,539 patients, including 448 acute hip fracture patients and 1,091 total hip (THR) or total knee replacement (TKR) patients at a major medical center in southern California, they found that the sun wasn’t keeping up their levels.
More patients in the hip fracture group were deficient or insufficient (65.8 percent versus 54 percent), and patients age 71 years and older were more deficient or insufficient in the hip fracture group than the joint replacement group (66.7 percent versus 47.13 percent).
Overall, the majority of patients age 18 and older of both sexes with hip fractures had insufficient levels of vitamin D, and those age 71 or older had significantly lower levels than the control group of people who had total hip or knee arthroplasty (reconstruction).
Six Heart Treatment Hoaxes That Kill!
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Improve your overall health, one plate at a time
Today's busy, high-stress lifestyles often lead to a diet of convenience—one that's lacking in vitamins and minerals, and overloaded with sugar, fat, and calories. The result: a body that never realizes its full potential. But you can fight back with The Best Foods for Every Part of Your Body—start today and you'll hit your peak from head to toe.
The Unexpected Health Risk You Could Get by Watching TV
The US is one of only two countries in the world that allows this... And a new study shows this devious scheme can lead to potentially lethal consequences, including a higher risk of cancer, diabetes, and birth defects. Worse, look who's profiting nicely, and who's paying the steep bill...
Are Nightmare Bacteria Coming to a Hospital Near
   cre nightmare bacteria

If your blood becomes infected with these antibiotic-resistant bacteria, you will have a 50 percent increased risk of dying -- and they're gaining a foothold in hospitals across America.

Poof! 20 million cancer cells—GONE
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Wake Forest University researchers simply called him "Mighty Mouse." 

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