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800,000 Die from Blindly Trusting Their Doctor's Prescription for This Pre-Surgery Drug
Don't let your doctor end up with your blood on his hands. Question every prescription they issue. Almost a million people didn't, and they paid for it with their lives. Please avoid making this mistake.

63% of Americans Actively Avoid Soda
Soda consumption plummets as more Americans realize soda's risks to their health are just too great.
"Cancer Cure in aisle 7...?"
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Early Alzheimer's detection...
with a simple eye exam?
Dear Reader,

I'm always looking for new, non-invasive ways to test my patients for serious illnesses. And lately, I've really hit the jackpot. Yesterday I told you about two new prostate cancer screenings that can significantly reduce the number of invasive follow-ups patients currently undergo.

Today, I want to tell you about two new eye tests that might offer a simple way to screen for early Alzheimer's disease (AD).

Yes... I said eye tests. Pretty cool, right?

Let me explain a little. As I'm sure you know, one of the major distinguishing characteristics of AD is beta amyloid--a protein that builds up to form dangerous "plaques" in the brain. But as it turns out, your brain isn't the only place you can find beta amyloid.

In fact, one recent study showed that beta amyloid plaques in the brain strongly correlate to beta amyloid deposits in your eyes. Which means retinal beta amyloid could be a red flag for Alzheimer's as well.

Researchers performed retinal imaging on people with Alzheimer's and without. Then they compared those images with PET scans of the subjects' brains. And results showed that every single patient who tested positive for high levels of beta amyloid plaque in the brain also tested positive for retinal plaques.

In other words, this eye test identified Alzheimer's disease with 100 percent sensitivity and no false negatives. And maybe most importantly, without any radiation.

Unfortunately, this test is still only being used experimentally and costs several thousand dollars per scan. But there's another test in development that also detects amyloid in the lens of your eye. And it could prove to be just as game-changing.

This other test uses an ointment that you place directly into your eye. You leave it in overnight, and then receive a laser scan the next day. And the test itself couldn't be simpler. It takes one second to perform and five minutes to get a result. The company that designed it hopes it will eventually be available everywhere.

So, hopefully in the near future, when you get a routine eye exam, you may also be able to be screened for Alzheimer's disease.

There may not be a cure for this devastating condition. But if you detect it early enough, you can take action to stall the disease's progress before it's too late. 
Immunity Rot. The biggest American health
concern of the 21st century?
The details contained in this video are downright startling…

Three times over the past 5 years, the brightest minds in medicine met behind closed doors to discuss an emerging health phenomenon.

An estimated 40 million Americans over the age of 55 are currently affected…

So why is hardly anyone is talking about this?

In this exclusive video, one doctor is finally breaking the silence on this 21st century health phenomenon…

Find out what you haven’t been told here
This Painkiller Is Taken Like Popcorn, But It Can Cause Liver Damage in Two Weeks   tylenol opioid acetaminophen overdose
And the "only as directed" advice is confusing, with some labels advising no more than 1,000 mg and others setting the limit almost four times as high. Be careful: it causes over 80,000 emergency room visits a year...

Mother's Fears Are Passed to Children Through Smell, Study Suggests
A mother's fears may be passed on to her children within days of birth, possibly even when the trauma occurred before she was pregnant.
Save your memory 
in just minutes a day Dear Reader, 

I know I write about exercise a lot. But physical activity has so many profound health benefits I could write an entire book on the subject. 

Take the results of two new studies, for example. They showed that any level of physical activity in midlife can ward off cognitive decline and dementia down the road. 

Let me repeat that: ANY level of physical activity benefits your brain in later life. Mild, moderate, vigorous--you name it. 

Healthy adults who were active in midlife were protected from cognitive impairment as they aged, as long as they had an exercise routine of any kind, whatsoever. 

And it gets even better. To some extent, physical activity also seemed to prevent people who already exhibited some cognitive impairment from progressing into full blown dementia. And once again... ANY LEVEL of exercise made a positive impact. 

Let's take a look at some of the details from these studies. 

In the first trial, researchers looked at more than 1,800 healthy adults with normal cognitive function. 

This study defined mild exercise as leisurely walking--the kind of after-dinner stroll you can enjoy no matter shape you're in. Brisk walking, cycling, and swimming were considered moderate exercise. Vigorous exercise, included activities like mountain biking and downhill skiing. (Neither of which I do, for the record. But it just goes to show you, your options are limitless.) 

And exercise of all intensities lowered the risk of cognitive decline significantly. 

Pretty impressive stuff for light walks around the block. 

In the second study, researchers looked at nearly 300 subjects who had already suffered some memory loss. 

In this instance, results only showed a statistically significant decrease in risk among subjects who maintained moderate exercise regimens in middle age. But the study authors were quick to point out that even lighter forms of activity offered positive results (even if they weren't technically "statistically significant"). 

So what all of this boils down to is this: Just by getting off the couch and doing something as simple as walking, you can actively prevent cognitive decline. 

And if your memory is already failing, all you have to do is take up moderate exercise--brisk walking, biking, or swimming--to keep from losing your mind altogether. A little extra sweat is a small price to pay for a benefit like this, don't you think? 

So what are you still doing sitting in front of your computer? Get up, get outside, and take your dog for a walk! Or simply stroll around the block by yourself. Too hot or rainy out? Then head to your local mall and do a few laps there. 

It doesn't take much time to keep your brain from rotting. So whatever you do, do something--anything--every day. No excuses. 
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could be nothing more than snake oil Before you take one more Omega-3 fish oil capsule, you absolutely must see this.

Last year an independent lab tested over 65 different fish oils for quality... And they uncovered a ridiculous manufacturing oversight that turns fish oil into nothing more than snake oil.

Take a quick peek to see if your fish oil is fantastic...or nothing more than a fake. 
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The Cancer-Causing Drink "Proven" to Slim Your Waistline   drinking diet soda
This study says it can help you burn flab, despite the fact research has repeatedly shown it tends to stimulate your appetite, increase cravings, and stimulate flab storage and weight gain. It's also linked to an increased risk of stroke and cancer.

Running: Any Amount Is Good, and More May Not Be Better   too much exercise running
Exercise has once again been shown to lower your risk of premature death and death from heart disease - and it took only five minutes of running a day to do so.
Which of these cooking oils are truly healthy and which are VERY unhealthy?  Some of these listed below (but not all) have even been found to cause immediate heart attacks after meals because they cause such massive inflammation in your body...

-Soybean oil
-olive oil
-coconut oil
-grapeseed oil
-cottonseed oil
-safflower oil
-canola oil
-corn oil, etc... 

Let's take a look in today's article at which are the BEST and which are the WORST cooking oils:

>> 6 Common cooking oils to NEVER eat  (Yes, they are really THAT deadly)
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