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Balance beans
By now, you know my feelings about sugar. But if you think my unwavering disapproval extends to chocolate, you'll probably be happy to hear that you're wrong.

In fact, cocoa--at least, in its purest form--is a bonafide health food. It's packed with antioxidants. And its unique flavonoid profile makes it a delicious foil for high blood pressure, inflammation... and according to one new study, blood sugar problems, too.

As part of this research, scientists tested the effects of cocoa polyphenols on human liver cells. And they found that these unique substances were able to improve insulin pathways and receptors in the laboratory.

These results appeared in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. And the researchers think that cocoa beans' abundance of epicatechin--the same compound you'll find in green tea--is the most likely explanation for them.

But whatever mechanism's at work here, the message to diabetics is clear. Eat more chocolate.

Of course, that doesn't mean you should go stock up on Hershey's Kisses. Needless to say, that's not the kind of chocolate I'm talking about.

However, modest amounts of high-quality dark chocolate--containing at least 70 percent cacao--gets a green light from me. Even better, try sweetening up 100 percent pure cacao yourself with just a little bit of stevia.

That way, you can really have your chocolate and eat it, too. 
C of controversy
Dear Reader,

Vitamin C has taken a beating throughout the years--a little over 70 years, to be exact.

It's been the natural cold remedy du jour since it was first identified in the 1930s. But as is typical with most things in medicine, it has also been demonized according to conventional "wisdom."

Those of us in the integrative medical field have been using vitamin C and seeing the benefits for decades. So when a recent analysis came out that examined over 70 studies on the use of vitamin C, imagine my disbelief at the conclusion.

This group of researchers admits that vitamin C has a "modest yet consistent" effect on cold duration. But they assert that it has no effect on cold incidence in the majority of people.

Some details: Of all the trials the researchers reviewed, 29 of them--involving over 11,000 participants--sought to test vitamin C's cold prevention power. And according to results, supplementing with this nutrient will only cut risk of illness by 3 percent in a typical population.

The authors pointed out that this is a non-significant number. But I'm willing to bet that those 3 people in a hundred who didn't come down with that cold would have a different opinion.

For that matter, do you know what else only works on 3 out of every 100 people who take it? Coumadin. And that drug represents the gold standard of care in its class.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

These researchers did concede to some significant benefit, though. In the handful of trials looking at this nutrient's effects on extremely active people--think marathoners or soldiers in subarctic training--vitamin C was able to cut risk of illness in half.

And among 31 studies--involving nearly 10,000 cold episodes--researchers found that supplementation can reduce symptom duration by 8 percent and 14 percent in adults and children, respectively.

This is, just so you know, far superior to Tamiflu.

But that's not all. Children taking 1,000 to 2,000 mg of vitamin C daily benefited from an 18 percent shorter cold duration. And the severity of symptoms was also lower among subjects regularly filling up on C.

The study authors may not be impressed with these results. But I am.

Vitamin C is cheap. It's well tolerated. And it's certainly better than anything else on the market.

What's more, humans are among the only mammals that can't synthesize vitamin C internally. And yet we need, on average, around 3,000 mg per day.

Meanwhile, I'm sure that most of these studies only looked at the RDA dose of vitamin C--which is a paltry 60 mg. This is truly laughable.

No, really... I couldn't even type that with a straight face. It's that ridiculous.

When I am facing a cold or flu, I use oral vitamin C doses of 500 mg every two hours. And I will often get an IV dose of up to 50,000 mg.

And you know what? I don't ever get sick.

So, while there may be some controversy in the conventional world, there certainly isn't in mine. Take your vitamin C... and take it consistently. 
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"Topical Botox": The New Way to Erase the Look of Wrinkles and Lines from Your Skin—Without Injections!
Dear Jose,

If you've ever searched for a product that can make your skin look younger, I'm sure you've come across Botox.

BotoxBotox (Botulinum Toxin) is an anti-wrinkle drug.  It's actually a toxin that's injected into the skin to paralyze muscles.  This makes you lose the ability to frown or make facial expressions, which cause frown lines, laugh lines and other wrinkles.

This injectable drug has become wildly popular ever since it was approved for cosmetic use in 2002.  Countless celebrities—as well as average people—have flocked to cosmetic dermatogists' and aesthetic physicians' offices to get injected.  And they pay $500 to $2,000 for asingle visit.

I have to admit that when I turned 50, and I realized that my skin was going downhill fast... I was tempted to get a Botox injection myself—even though I knew it wasn't a healthy thing to do.

I knew it was very expensive, but because the Botox effect lasts 4 months, I figured it's still better than spending $15,000 on a facelift.

Luckily, I decided against Botox.  Last year, I stumbled upon a Beverly Hills company called Rodeo Drive Collection that had just developed something absolutely phenomenal in skin anti-aging.

An Anti-Aging Peptide Nicknamed "Topical Botox" 

Rodeo Drive Collection has bottled a powerful peptide that mimics the effect of Botox—but unlike Botox, which paralyzes muscles, this peptide relaxes them.  Extensive clinical studies show that this peptide—nicknamed "Topical Botox"—inhibits the impulses that cause facial muscles to contract or move—such as when forming facial expressions like smiling or frowning

And it's applied topically on the skin—without the use of injectable toxins.

Youthful Skin in the MirrorThis peptide has been scientifically proven to be effective against wrinkle development.  It has also been shown toreduce the depth of existing facial wrinkles an average of 27% in just 30 days.

As if that weren't enough, they took that miracle peptide—and combined it with 2 other stellar anti-aging ingredients to create the first-of-its-kind skin rejuvenating cream that produced remarkable results in an independent study consisting of women and men of baby-boomer age.

When the company gave me 2 sample jars to try, I was downright amazed that my skin appeared to be aging in reverse!  After I had used it for 6 weeks, I can honestly say...

... I've never used a skincare product that has gotten me as many compliments as this one has! 

One day, I went to the Luxe Spa in Bel Air for a facial.  Katya, the aesthetician who gave me my facial, couldn't believe it when I told her I was 56 years old.  She kept saying over and over again, "I am soSHOCKED that you're 56.  Your skin has no wrinkles, and the texture is like porcelain.  I could've sworn you were only 35!"

Katya asked me what skincare I was using, and I told her that I've been using this new product calledTransformation Skin Rejuvenating Créme for 2 months.

I went on to tell her about the "Topical Botox" and the 2 other superstar anti-aging ingredients that were in it.  She was so impressed that she immediately told one of the owners of the spa that this is a product they must offer for sale to their spa clients!

That's a true story—and I will never forget it.

Due to Rodeo Drive Collection's successful launch of Transformation Skin Rejuvenating Créme on December 1, 2011 they completely SOLD OUT of their initial stock in less than 60 days.  When their second shipment arrived in early February, all the jars were snapped up in 2 days. Their third and fourth shipments were both gone in a week. The manufacturer is working overtime to fill the demand. 

If I were you, I'd grab 3 jars (and get a 20% discount) because they may be sold out before the end of this week.  Their next batch will not be available for another 5 weeks.  In that amount of time, your skin could have already become decades younger.

Click here to go to the Transformation website now.

Wishing you the best of health,

Danica Collins
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The rules of replacement
Dear Reader,

You may not realize it, but funding for clinical research is becoming quite scarce. Which is why it blows my mind when I see researchers continuing to beat the same dead horses over and over again.

Now don't get me wrong--I'm a strong advocate for revisiting controversial issues to make sure we get it right. Especially because so much funding comes from dubious sources.

But isn't it time we accepted certain facts and moved on? So we can get on with thereal practice of medicine and our most important duty as doctors... the duty of advising our patients well?

With decades' worth of research under our belt at this point, there are some issues where the jury really isn't out anymore. And the value of hormone replacement therapy is one of them.

So I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, the latest consensus statement on menopausal hormone therapy will help to put this debate to rest once and for all.

Here are the key takeaways:
  • The benefits of hormone replacement outweigh the risks in efforts to ease menopause symptoms--provided that the patient is younger than 60, and the treatment takes place within the decade following menopause.
  • If used within the appropriate time frame, hormone therapy helps to prevent osteoporosis-related fractures.
  • Extensive research also shows that estrogen therapy can lower heart disease and all-cause mortality risk in women under these circumstances as well.
  • While oral hormone replacement therapy raises risk of venous thromboembolism and stroke in women, the absolute risk is still minimal before the age of 60.
  • Combination estrogen and progesterone treatment may be associated with increased breast cancer risk. But again, the risk is small--and it lowers once treatment ends.
  • Menopausal hormone therapy isn't recommended for women with a history of breast cancer.
These conclusions are fair enough--and they're certainly based on the best research we've got. They also illustrate why I'm such a big fan of hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. (When used correctly, of course.)

But I have one major bone to pick here. It seems the authors don't recommend the use of custom-compounded bio-identical hormone therapy. And that's when I practically choked.

Like I mentioned earlier, you always have to follow the money trail. And the fact is, bio-identicals cut into Big Pharma's large piece of the hormone replacement pie. So it's really no wonder that misinformation on this particular topic persists.

So let me set the record straight:

Hormone replacement therapy can work miracles for women going through menopause. And bio-identical hormones are the ideal choice. In fact, they should be the only choice.

There is vast evidence supporting the use of bio-identical hormone therapy over conventional hormone therapy (made from horse urine). Hormone therapy made from horse urine has been shown to do more harm than good, and should be avoided at all costs.

For more of my detailed recommendations on natural hormone replacement therapy, see the January 2013 issue of Logical Health Alternatives. If you're not yet a subscriber, you can get started here to access all the back issues at

And while we're on the topic of safe HRT...

Surgical escape
If you do it right, hormone replacement can change your life. And if you do it wrong? Well, it looks like you could be signing up for a life-changing stint in the operating room.

A new, large-scale study followed almost 71,000 menopausal French women between 1992 and 2008. And results showed that hormone replacement significantly raised the risk of cholecystectomy--the fancy term for gallbladder removal surgery.

The risk appeared to be restricted to women using oral estrogen therapy without added progesterone. I always include both in my HRT regimens for the sake of proper balance.

I also typically work with bio-identical creams--definitely a more natural delivery system as opposed to oral therapy. (In this study, gels and patches didn't appear to confer added risk, either.)

But both of these factors aside, there are a few things that both men and women should know when it comes to gallbladder surgery. Like the fact that, for as common as it is, it's rarely ever necessary.

Gallstones are the most common culprit behind gallbladder attacks. And simple dietary changes can go a long way in warding them off--no organ removal necessary.

But despite what you may have heard, giving up fat isn't the answer.

So what is? Filling up on healthy, anti-inflammatory monounsaturated fats--from foods like avocado and salmon. So will evening out your body's pH with a steady intake of alkaline foods, like broccoli, cucumbers, and almonds.

In other words, stick with my New Hamptons Health Miracle, and you won't end up under the scalpel. It's really that simple. For more on how to avoid gallbladder surgery, see the September 2012 issue of Logical Health Alternatives. If you aren't yet a subscriber, you can subscribe and get full access to all back issues on the website.

Until next time,

Dr. Fred 
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A government report reveals a shocking rise in autism rates among US schoolchildren over the last five years. What is behind this growing epidemic?

When Arthritis Starts To Hurt

when-arthritis-starts-to-hurt_300The pain of arthritis plagues Americans as we grow older, despite advances in medical science. It doesn’t seem fair that pain should increase with advancing age, when we deserve more happiness and comfort, not less. In this report I’ll discuss the process of arthritis and what conventional medicine has to offer for treatment. In a future article I’ll explore the root causes of arthritis and what you can do about it other than prescription medications to control the pain.
Autoimmune Arthritis
The cause of arthritis is considered to be idiopathic (unknown) according to conventional medical belief. Yet rheumatologists look for and treat approximately 100 forms of arthritis. These include the categories of osteoarthritis, spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, gout, reactive arthritis and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Some of these conditions lead the body to produce specific antibodies that can be identified, yet clearly all these types of arthritis represent inflammatory conditions of the joints and tissues.
Like most types of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis is considered an autoimmune disorder. In any autoimmune condition (and in all inflammatory conditions that I believe arise in similar fashion), your immune system becomes sensitized by proteins in the gut or in the blood. This triggers a host of immune system cells that produce inflammation in an attempt to protect the individual.
These immune cells are white blood cells that dump inflammatory chemicals that lead to tissue damage. [1]In the process, the fighter cells attack your bones and joints causing recurring flares of pain, swelling and eventually bone erosion with disfigurement. In rheumatoid arthritis patients other problems with inflammation lead to:
  • Sjogren’s syndrome: inflamed glands with dryness of the eyes and mouth.
  • Pleuritis: chest pain with deep breathing, coughing.
  • Pericarditis: inflammation of sac surrounding the heart.
  • Anemia: low red cells in the blood.
  • Felty’s syndrome: enlarged spleen and increased risk of infections.
  • Rheumatoid nodules: firm lumps under the skin around elbows and fingers.
  • Vasculitis: blood-vessel inflammation, tiny black areas around nail beds and leg ulcers.
Pharmaceutical Treatment
The classic arthritis medicines are the well-known non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen and longer-acting related compounds. Of course, these can have serious side effects.
For example, NSAIDs are the 15th leading cause of reported deaths in the U.S. They can cause stomach bleeding, directly causing more than 16,000 deaths and 100,000 hospitalizations annually. Speaking about NSAIDs, a 1999 New England Journal of Medicine article [2] reported, “Yet these toxic effects remain largely a ‘silent epidemic,’ with many physicians and most patients unaware of the magnitude of the problem.”
The next prescription medication of choice is the longer-acting anti-inflammatory drug prednisone (or equivalent) at high doses. This is very effective for many types of inflammatory conditions, but safe only for the short term — less than four weeks. The longer the duration and more frequent the courses of prednisone, the more horrible and irreversible the side effects can be. Prednisone can lead to moon-shaped face, buffalo-humped shoulders and upper torso, accelerated osteoporosis, weight gain, immune suppression, and steroid psychosis (which is not very common). They can also adversely affect the stomach lining just like the NSAIDs.
An effective and safe prescription medication for pain relief is tramadol (Ultram®). It blocks pain by acting on the brain like opioid narcotics, but without their side effects or addictive properties. Some people feel so good on tramadol that it can be habit-forming.
Also available are stronger analgesics: narcotics. These, of course, will make you loopy at high doses. They are also addictive if taken for longer than four weeks. From 1962 to 1988, the U.S. experienced a 300 percent increase in drug addiction as a direct result of the use of prescribed narcotics. (In comparison, during that same time period, illegal, recreational drugs smuggled in from Colombia had only a 30 percent increase.)
There is another class of medications used to treat rheumatoid arthritis: the slower-acting disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs). These include gold (Solganal®), methotrexate (Rheumatrex®, Trexall®), and hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil®). They help prevent progressive joint destruction. However, they are not anti-inflammatory agents and do less for pain relief. A newer DMARD is Arava® (leflunomide).
One other drug class for arthritis includes the “biologic” medications etanercept (Enbrel®), infliximab (Remicade®), anakinra (Kineret®), adalimumab (Humira®), rituximab (Rituxan®) and abatacept (Orencia®). These “biologic” drugs reduce levels of an important protein of the immune system, tumor necrosis factor (TNF). TNF is a normal part of an immune response. Lowering TNF in your blood lowers the inflammatory effect of arthritis. However, in the process of lowering TNF, your immune system is also weakened substantially. In fact, these drugs lower your ability to fight infections and at the same time potentially have several other serious side effects.
Oh, did I mention that not only do these drugs potentially have serious side effects, but they also stop working if you stop taking them? They have enormous cost, too, which poses a real financial strain for most people. Not to worry though, they have special assistance programs to help you pay for them — for the many years ahead.
In my next article on arthritis, I’ll discuss the pathophysiology of arthritis: what really causes it. Then I’ll discuss natural and safe ways to reverse these causes.
To feeling good for life,
Michael Cutler, M.D.

You Can Think Your Way To Better Hormones

you-can-think-your-way-to-better-hormones_300Cortisol, a stress hormone secreted by the adrenal gland, can hamper your immune system, hinder your memory and even reduce the strength of your bones if your body produces too much for too long. But researchers have found you can think your way to a lower cortisol level.
The trick is to indulge in a practice called “mindfulness.” If you can focus on the present rather than letting the mind drift, your cortisol level will drop, according to research from the Shamatha Project at the University of California, Davis.
“This is the first study to show a direct relation between resting cortisol and scores on any type of mindfulness scale,” says Tonya Jacobs, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California Davis Center for Mind and Brain.
According to Jacobs, training the mind to focus on immediate experience may reduce your tendency to obsess about past mistakes or worry about the future, thought processes that are linked to cortisol release.
“The idea that we can train our minds in a way that fosters healthy mental habits and that these habits may be reflected in mind-body relations is not new; it’s been around for thousands of years across various cultures and ideologies,” Jacobs says. “However, this idea is just beginning to be integrated into Western medicine as objective evidence accumulates. Hopefully, studies like this one will contribute to that effort.”

People Who Exercise Are Less Likely To Pray

people-who-exercise-are-less-likely-to-pray_300Can praying for better health make you healthier? Nobody knows. But more Americans are praying for better health today than ever before, according to researchers. Exercisers, not so much.
Researchers analyzing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 1999, 2002 and 2007 National Health Interview Survey found that prayer about health issues increased in all groups of Americans, from 43 percent in 2002 to 49 percent in 2007.
The study showed that people with more money are 15 percent less likely to pray than those with the lowest incomes. People who exercise regularly are 25 percent less likely to pray those who didn’t exercise.
Women, African-Americans and the well-educated are most likely to pray about their health. The most recent numbers show that 56 percent of women pray for better health compared to only 40 percent of men.

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Pasta supposedly makes you fat, right? Well, Italians eat an estimated 60 pounds of pasta per year, but only 10 to 20 percent of Italian adults are obese. Americans, on the other hand, chow down only 20 pounds of pasta each year, and a full third of us are obese. Part of the reason: Restaurants keep noodling with our noodles. Butter, cream, oil, egregious portion sizes—you name it, they'll do it. To help you dodge death by Alfredo, I've rounded up The 7 Worst Pasta Dishes in America. Avoid these starchy travesties and you'll be well on your way to a beach-ready bod.

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From Sleep Study, Clues to Happiness
A brain chemical most known for its role in narcolepsy may have a surprising role in human emotions.