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Lyme Disease: The Quiet EpidemicLyme Disease: The Quiet Epidemic »
Some epidemics get a lot of press. Over the past few years, bird flu, SARS, H1N1 and other viral outbreaks have plagued public consciousness, leading to a lot of illness, anxiety and subsequent runs on face masks and Tamiflu. While these are real concerns, there's another rising epidemic that's not making the same headlines. More »
When Exercise Expands Your WaistlineWhen Exercise Expands Your Waistline »
Exercise can make you overweight if you do it the wrong way. Research at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that certain exercisers put on even more body fat than they had originally when they use the wrong kind of exercise program. More »
Arthritis Pain Relief Without MedicineArthritis Pain Relief Without Medicine »
If you want to fight the pain of arthritis without medication, scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill think they have the answer. They have discovered an effective way to significantly improve and manage arthritis pain without taking pills. More »
The 1 Ugly Food Making People Over 50 Fat…
There's one sneaky food making men and women over 50 fat. 

This is aging your cells, sapping your memory and stealing your sex drive!

Heck — one UCLA professor declared this food "the worst mistake in human history"!

But here's the exciting part: once you get rid of this food, your body will release a flood of fat burning hormones — almost like you flipped a switch inside your cells.

And if you're over 50 your body is primed to make this switch...

See, what you don't realize is this food dominates your life — and has been doing some serious damage.

Recently two Mayo Clinic researchers uncovered evidence that makes them think this food is responsible for a big chunk of the obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease like heart attacks inside the United States. 

So stop what you're doing and click here to watch this video now if you're over 50…

And want a simple change that could force anyone over 50 to peel off 3 to 7 pounds this week! 

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5 Easy
Mexican Meals
Nachos, burritos and fajitas—oh my! If that sounds like the Mexican fare you crave on Cinco de Mayo, we challenge you to switch it up. Sure, few foods hit the spot like a brimming burrito, but what's that compared to famed chef Rick Bayless's recipes for soft chicken tacos with tangy guacamole or spicy chipotle beef?
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5 Crazy Ways to Enjoy Veggies MoreOne of them involves watching TV! Read more
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Kick your weight loss efforts into high-gear--
once and for all!
With a new breakthrough we predict will have a whole new wave of celebrity clientele flocking to this "doctor-of-the-stars" clinic.

With this little trick in your back pocket...losing weight can be so won't even feel like you're trying.

Whatever your weight loss goals...the secret behind this breakthrough is based on the same successful strategies Dr. Fred has used and perfected in his Manhattan practice to help the stars stay svelte and sleek...

Now you can discover how to put this trick to work for you today.

Read the video transcript: Kick your weight loss efforts into high-gear--once and for all! 
NASA Discovery - This Unhealthy Trend Could Be a Silent Killer   Grounding Sitting Health Effects
Former director of NASA's Life Sciences Division finds this nearly universal mistake may be a silent killer, and the hidden cause behind today's soaring diabetes and heart disease rates. Could it be the hidden link to your own health struggles?

How Exercise Can Moderate Brain Damage Caused by Drinking
For chronic, heavy drinkers, regular exercise may be crucial in protecting and possibly repairing the brain from alcohol-induced damage.
Drug Danger Alert

How Antacids And PPI’s Can Kill You
New Science Shows Hidden, Deadly Risk
Of Common Heartburn And Reflux Drugs

Dear Jose,

If you take any over-the-counter drug for your acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD...including Prevacid and Prilosec,... this timely report directly affects you.

So take thirty seconds and read every word of this email. Carefully.

These commonly used drugs suffered a major setback last year (February 8, 2012) when the FDA warned that taking them can give you a dangerous condition known as “C-Diff”.

Now there is evidence to show Prilosec, Prevacid, and other PPI’s (“Proton Pump Inhibitors”) ... or the other common group of drugs for reflux called “antacids”... create another, potentially greater risk to your health. See a video report (click here).

It seems antacids and PPI’s are literally starving your body of vital nutrients, and leading to all sorts of deadly health conditions. Some conditions that have been linked to these drugs:
Barton Publishing
  • Dementia
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Iron deficiency
  • Pneumonia
  • Fatigue
  • Brittle bones

These drugs, and others, do provide temporary relief from the pain of acid reflux. But they do so by suppressing the acid in your digestive system.

The problem is, you need the acid for proper digestion.

How PPI’s and Antacids Are
Literally Starving Your Body

bartonWhen you suppress the acid level in your stomach, foods are not properly digested.

The nutrients in your foods are no longer available to your body, robbing you of vital building blocks for good health, such as vitamin B12 and calcium.

Even though you may be eating a healthy diet, your body is not extracting the vitamins and minerals it needs from the food you consume.

Your stomach may be full, but your body is slowly starving to death.

Clicke Here for this informative video from medical researcher Joe Barton explaining the science behind these disturbing side effects. It is easy to understand and shares important information.

Safer (And Cheaper) Remedies Available

The good news is you do not have to take these dangerous drugs ever again - and there is relief for your painful acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD.

Find out about safer (and cheaper) remedies thatactivate your body's own healing systems andrestore the balance you've lost in your digestive tract.

Watch this video right now (click here) and learn how to get acid reflux relief the safe, natural way - even using healing foods you already have in your fridge right now.

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website address onto your Internet browser:
Your Happy Hour Herb Garden
Herbs will make any meal healthier, but why should your food have all the fun? Added to your favorite cocktail, these nutrient-dense plants are packed with antioxidants that offset some of the damage caused by alcohol. Plus, they add tons of flavor to your favorite drinks—lemon verbena sangria, anyone?
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9 Ingredients That Make Any Meal HealthierAdd iron, calcium, and a touch of flavor with these nine kitchen-cabinet secrets. Read more here »
7 Ways to Eat Healthy for Less Wallet feeling a little emptier than usual? Your diet doesn't have to suffer. Read more here »
How You Can Change the Food SystemMake a difference, one meal at a time. Read more
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Outside the box-spring
Dear Reader,

For most people, melatonin is synonymous with sleep. And that's about it. But there's actually much more to melatonin than you might think.

Melatonin is a hormone that originates in your pineal gland. Its release is based on light exposure. During the day, your body generates little to no melatonin. And production peaks after dark, about three to five hours after you go to sleep.

This hormone plays a key role in regulating your body's natural circadian rhythm--a fancy word for the sleep/wake cycle. So it's no surprise that over the last couple of decades, melatonin has emerged as a popular over-the-counter sleep aid.

But I also use it to boost my patients' immune systems. And now, I have a couple new "off-label" reasons to recommend this oldie-but-goodie supplement.

First up: melatonin as a natural form of migraine prevention. A new trial showed that a 3 mg dose of melatonin was as effective of a 25 mg dose of amitriptyline (a tricyclic antidepressant) when it comes to warding off this painful condition.

Even better, melatonin supplementation came with lower rates of daytime sleepiness. And it didn't contribute to weight gain, either. (Both of these are common side effects of amitriptyline.)

In fact, subjects taking melatonin actually lost weight. So it looks like we can chalk up another win for our team. Or two, as the case may be...

This next bit of new research is another great piece of evidence from the Nurses' Health Study. As it turns out, having high levels of melatonin secretion can cut your risk of type 2 diabetes in half.

Or put another way, low levels of melatonin secretion double your risk of diabetes. And researchers discovered this link even after adjusting for a whole host of other confounding factors.

This conclusion obviously raises a long string of questions.

Keep reading...

Most notably, would supplementing with melatonin have a protective effect? Would prolonged dark exposure have similar benefits? And could either of these strategies actually increase insulin sensitivity?

It's incredible that something this simple could potentially prevent type 2 diabetes. But if you connect the dots, it also makes a lot of sense.

Scientists have found melatonin receptors in pancreatic cells. And previous study has pointed to the fact that this hormone could somehow be involved in blood sugar metabolism. So the idea that melatonin could protect against diabetes isn't exactly a stretch.

But there's another strong association here that bears mentioning.

Research has also linked sleep disruption to type 2 diabetes. One study showed that men who get less than five hours of sleep per night are twice as likely to end up with diabetes as men who regularly clock at least seven hours.

Other studies have associated snoring with a doubling of diabetes risk--even after accounting for factors like body fat.

But this link doesn't just apply to diabetes. Researchers have also connected circadian rhythm disruptions to cluster headache and migraines.

Poor melatonin production paves the way to disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, and delayed sleep phase syndrome. And all of these sleep disorders are linked to headaches--a fact that may at least partially explain the first set of study results I shared with you.

So it looks like the real moral of the story here may be a little simpler than it sounds: Make sure you're getting plenty of sleep--even if you have to take melatonin to do it.

The benefits to your health might reach further than you think.

Until next time,

Dr. Fred 
Are you kidding me?
This could be the greatest link ever discovered for supporting unbelievable head-to-toe health.

Your heart, your brain, your sex drive and every single aspect of your health absolutely thrives off of this one common connector. And until now--no one has tried to help it--not like this.

Discover what one renowned physician calls, "the underlying cause of premature aging," and how you can finally help it flourish with an unbelievable one pill wonder.

Read the video transcript: You won't believe the secret to head-to-toe vitality 
The Hidden Indicator of Early Death Hardly Anyone Thinks About   Stress Relief
This one-minute 'test' can reveal plenty about your longevity. Researchers now say there's a 'very strong and significant association'... independent of healthy eating and exercising. Are you in the 'safe' zone, or the double or triple risk zone?

Five Worst Foods for Sleep
Eating these five common foods could easily sabotage your chances of getting a good night's sleep.

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Drop Two Sizes!
Would you believe that you could be two sizes smaller 12 weeks from now? It's true! America's #1 trainer, Rachel Cosgrove, has developed a breakthrough plan for helping clients of all shapes and sizes slim down, and now you can follow it from home. With this guide, you'll reshape your body, build strength, eat smarter, and burn more calories every day for jaw-dropping results. 
Click here to get Drop Two Sizes! »
Can This Healthy Food Give You Diabetes?Researchers explain the fishy link. Read more
here »
The Best Off-Day WorkoutDo this twice a week to become better at everyother sport. Read more here »
The Worst Time of Day to SmokeAny time is terrible, but this hour takes the cake.Read more here »

When Your Doctor Is Ignorant, It’s Not BlissWhen Your Doctor Is Ignorant, It’s Not Bliss »
If your doctor doesn’t try to understand alternative therapies that have been proven to work, you might want to shop around for another physician. At the very least, you should educate yourself about the complementary treatments that can help you get healthier at a fraction of the price that mainstream medicine charges. More »
Our Love Affair With PetsOur Love Affair With Pets »
In an economy that has been reeling in double-digit unemployment and unending home foreclosures, the last thing you would expect is that last year we spent a collective $50 billion on our pets. Even more surprising, this figure represents an $8 billion increase in the past three years during one of the worst U.S. economic downturns.  More »
When Pain Relief Reduces Your TestosteroneWhen Pain Relief Reduces Your Testosterone »
If you take medication for pain relief, researchers in California have found that one type is five times more likely to reduce your testosterone levels than other kinds. More »
The Blood Pressure Lie EXPOSED!
If you've been told you have high blood pressure, you're probably scared to death.

It is called "the silent killer."

And, if that's not scary enough, you were probably told to start taking a blood pressure drug immediately.

And, did they tell you that if one drug didn't bring your pressure down, you might have to take a second drug at the same time?

I know how the system works.

And, I know you don't want to be part of that group who's taking blood pressure medication for the rest of their lives.

So I'll let you in on a little secret...
6 Fish that Make You Fat
Fish is one of nature's purest, leanest sources of nutrients—protein supplies 70 percent or more of the total calories. And the simplest preparations usually taste the best. But the chemists, er, chefs at America's most popular restaurants can't resist drowning your salmon and tilapia in unnecessary coats of oil, breading, sauces, and cheese—with egregious results. 
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Is Your Fat Toxic?Body fat releases health-harming compounds in some people. Are you one of them? Read more here »
5 Cures for Your Late-Night Cravings Nix this bad habit and you could lose two pounds this week! Read more here »
Your Body's Hunger GamesThey're not so fun when your gut keeps growing.Read more here »
Dear Reader, 

Now this is amazing... 

It's a groundbreaking presentation about a rare discovery on the Himalayan Mountains which research suggests actually tricks your body into maintaining healthy blood sugar. 

This revelation has already sparked over a dozen studies involving more than a thousand participants. 

And America's foremost authority on diabetes, obesity and integrative medicine is even calling it... 

"The biggest blood-sugar discovery of the last 100 years.

With one astonishing trick this "High-Altitude Hero" can help boost your energy production, reduce your "snack attacks" and just wait until you see what it could do for your waistline... Watch it now and find out

Karen Reddel 
President, NuLogic Nutritionals 

P.S. This free video will be available for the next 24 hours by visting here now. 

Read the video transcript: High-Altitude Hero