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The Lethal Combination Linked to 90% of Suicides 
Combine these two risk factors together and you can have a recipe for disaster - causing someone to end their life every 15 minutes and suicide levels to overtake car accidents as the leading cause of injury-related death. PLUS: "red flags" to watch out for... 
The Modern Food System and the Roots of Obesity  Food System Which Causes Obesity 
Relax... it's not all your fault. Discover the hidden booby-traps along your road to success and how dominant they are. Find out where the essential info is hiding, get in the "know," and get your health back on track...


Improve your health all throughout the season
It's fall—the time of year when pumpkin-flavored everything is littering every restaurant menu under the sun. If it were real pumpkin and not sugary flavored syrup, that would be a good thing. But sadly, the "tastes of fall" are often fast-food concoctions that bare little resemblance to the real thing and do nothing but pack on pounds. The real tastes of fall are much healthier—and way more entertaining to eat. Ever tried lobster mushrooms? Or pawpaws? Eat your way to better health this season with The 8 Best Fall Foods.

Bonus Tip: Americans waste 40 percent of the food they buy. That's a big chunk of your food budget that winds up in the trash! Look to your freezer to extend the shelf life of food. Use The Complete Guide to Freezing Produce to slash your grocery bill.


Guard your belly from these calorie-dense bowls
Soup may be the ultimate comfort food. It's warm, it's nourishing, and you don't even have to chew it. But here's a dirty little secret: A lot of soups out there aren't comfort food at all. They're discomfort food. That's because they can make for a lot of discomfort every time you step on the scale, test your blood pressure, or try to squeeze into last year's swimsuit. Everybody likes a nice, rich broth, but The 6 Worst Soups in America are the Donald Trumps of food: too rich, too thick, and ultimately, full of nonsense.
"Popular Blockbuster Drug" Study Terminated Due to High Risks - Are You Taking It?   Plavix Health Risks 
It's the 2nd most popular drug. Yet it not only increases your risk of death, it costs 33 times more than the most common alternative. I urge you: do not be taken in - and whatever you do, don't be tricked into taking it with aspirin... 
Interview with Jim "Jimbo" Someck   Someck Supports Organic Farming 
It's high time everyone lets these "health food" traitors know we've had enough and want to know what's hiding in our food. There's a simple way to let them know - and it shouldn't cost you an extra dime... Time is running out - grab this handy list now before it's too late...
I'm at a loss for words; this new cancer research video is causing quite a stir, circling the global grapevine over the last few days. It's really quite revolutionary.

If you haven't seen it already, click here and turn up your speakers.

James Sheridan is a well-known author, and his wife was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that most doctors scratched their heads over.  Perhaps it took the "fresh eyes" of an investigative journalist to unravel the cancer cure mystery.  

In his words, "There's more people employed by the cancer industry than there are patients, so it was no surprise for me to uncover a trail of natural cure cover-ups by big pharma."
Discover the secret ingredients Sheridan calls "microscopic special forces" that are in this secret milkshake recipe he created for his wife, and how it can be your natural "cancer shield"

Check it out today.
The Food Obama Won't Eat (but is Happy to Let You) 
This may be the easiest, most inexpensive, and most effective way to decimate potentially deadly pathogens. If you ever find yourself in a hospital, get someone to bring it in to help you avoid serious problems. So simple, yet so awesome... why not eat some today? 
Kids Exposed to Mercury, Lead at Risk for ADHD 
More research shows the health risks from consuming mercury in seafood, while the FDA stays silent about the dangers of implanting mercury "amalgam" dental fillings directly into children's mouths.
Help Override Risk of Serious Infection with This Healing Food 
This may be the easiest, most inexpensive, and most effective way to decimate potentially deadly pathogens. If you ever find yourself in a hospital, get someone to bring it in to help you avoid serious problems. So simple, yet so awesome... why not eat some today? 
Choline In Eggs And Meat May Influence Gene Expression From Infancy To Adulthood 
When consumed during pregnancy, this super-nutrient found in eggs may offer your baby disease protection that lasts a lifetime.
Yikes! Lose your hair… wear diapers… and forget about sex?
If you fall for this mainstream LIE Big Pharma is feeding you that could very well be your future. But you could break away from the herd and preserve your manhood. It’s easy.CLICK HERE for the full story.

A Halloween “Treat” You Didn’t Know You Were Getting
As if eating meat weren’t controversial enough these days…
You already know processed meat is like serving cancer on a plate. But it’s not just the processed stuff you need to worry about. Beef and its quality are making quite the stir lately.
I’m not talking about all of the added hormones.  I’m not even talking cows being fed a diet of genetically modified corn or grain.  Those are bad enough.
Thanks to the severe drought this year, we have even more to worry about. With corn at $9 a bushel – roughly $315 a ton – cattle owners have to find a cheaper way to feed their livestock. Desperate times call for desperate measures, they’re saying. But that’s putting it mildly…
And – as usual - the cheaper route puts your health at risk. You won’t even believe how bad it’s gotten…

It’s all in the math.
No matter how many “life-changing” ingredients a supplement claims to have… if there’s only a miniscule amount – it simply won’t work.
That’s why we created our own product – this one geared toward men only – that’s packed with science-backed ingredients at the right doses. See exactly how it works here.

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Blurry and Poor Vision
Not Caused by Aging
'Are you scared that as you get older, you'll start to lose your eyesight?'
You know, like those 'old folks' who have to wear those thick glasses...have to read the newspaper two inches from their face and squint as they watch TV and even worse, lose sleep every time they go to the DMV to renew their driver's license because they're sure that they're going to have it taken away because they can't see anymore.
'Are you worried that soon, this will be your fate?'
If you are, stop worrying. I've got some fantastic news for you that's going to put your mind at rest and help you keep your vision healthy, even into your 70's and 80's.
It's been confirmed through multiple studies at some of the most prestigious medical schools like Harvard and Johns Hopkins and Brandeis University that...
This changes all the rules because now you know that getting the glasses...squinting and struggling at the TV... worrying about driving at night and blurry vision...are not an automatic fact of aging.
And because of that, all of these vision problems can be stopped before they even start!

Here's how others are preventing declining vision before it's too late.
While this is great news, it's only half of the solution. You see, just because this discovery has confirmed that age-related vision loss is basically a myth, it doesn't mean you can just do nothing and expect your vision to remain the same.
You have to supplement it and if you're taking the same old antioxidants, I've got some more news for you...
In Good Health,

Victor Marchione, M.D.


Turn every outing into an opportunity to burn flab
When it comes to meals, our busy schedules often send us looking for quick, simple solutions. Which explains the success of fast food and casual-dining restaurants. Unfortunately, we all know the most popular menu items at these establishments aren't health foods. But the good news? More and more restaurants are now offering smart and tasty options that CAN be part of your healthy-eating plan. The challenge is recognizing those chains at the forefront of the nutritional brigade. That's why we've crunched the numbers to bring youThe Best Restaurant for Any Meal.

Bonus Tip: Your weight loss secret weapon? Fiber. It's the simple way to shed fat without being hungry all the time. Find out how to add more fiber to your diet with these Easy Fat-Fighting Tips.


Indulge your sweet tooth—regret-free!
Restaurants are where diets go to die. But once in a while, it's worth giving in to your cravings. In fact, research shows that the occasional indulgence actually helps you lose weight, while trying to resist cravings entirely is a sure path to overeating later on. With that in mind, we've rounded up some restaurant desserts that make it possible to indulge your sugary propensities without blowing up like a puff pastry. Grab a spoon and dig into these 10 Restaurant Desserts Under 400 Calories.

Bonus Tip: Who says protein has to be pricey? Give your wallet a break and Whip Up Easy, Healthy Egg Recipes.

If you've ever struggled with losing weight...
Every time I hear about a new "weight loss solution," I'm skeptical.
Because it usually involves the "cookie diet" or the "grapefruit diet." Or hCG injections. Or three hours a day on the treadmill.
But our research team has uncovered a group of little-known studies - including a research report out of Harvard University - that turn everything we know about weight loss on its head.
No fad diets or diet drinks or calorie counting. No obsessive exercise. No surgery or expensive "technology."
We've prepared a special video bulletin all about this game-changing research. I urge you to watch it immediately.

The Preventative Measure that May Cost You Your Life
It’s that time of year. The flyers are everywhere. Doctors are pushing them. Your local pharmacy is offering them at discount. Some companies are even offering them to employees for free.
They think they are doing you a favor. But are they really? Or could their “good” intentions be putting you in danger?
We already told you how this “preventative” measure doesn’t work.
And now, what’s become a multibillion-dollar industry may be costing you more than just a trip to the clinic and a waste of time. It may actually cost you your life. And if not your life, some very serious side effects.
Health officials keep saying they are perfectly safe. But something that is supposed to keep you healthy yet causes the very disease it’s designed to prevent does not sound perfectly safe.
Yes, we are talking about the seasonal flu vaccine. Its lack of effectiveness is not fresh news. We’ve told you all that before. But now we have more confirmation that this “protective” shot is worse than anyone thought. 
The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control just released a new double-blind study using ferrets. Researchers used ferrets because of their human-like susceptibility to colds and the flu. For the study, Dr. Danuta Skowronski administered the flu vaccine to the ferrets. The results didn’t just show that the vaccine was ineffective. It showed the ferrets that received the vaccine became significantly sicker than the other animals.
You read that correctly.  It didn’t keep the animals healthier, it made them sicker!
There have been numerous other studies on the vaccine and the chemicals in it. They all confirm their life-threatening side effects. But the government still wants to push the vaccine on you.
So what are you really putting in your body if you get a flu shot?

FDA Limits “Youth Formula” for 22 Years
Now the secret is out...
You can reverse years of aging… All on your own.
When this breakthrough study was published back in 1990, the media ignored it. The jaw-dropping results never made it to the “mainstream.”
But thanks to the work of a small team of researchers, you can now ramp up your body’s production of this breakthrough, age-reversing effect WITHOUT seeing a doctor or interference from pesky bureaucrats on Capitol Hill.

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Revamp your daily routine and watch the flab wither
The average person makes 200 decisions every day that will influence his or her weight. And most of these decisions aren't monumental choices like, "Should I become an elite marathon runner?" or, "Should I move to Wisconsin and live entirely on bratwurst and cheese curds?" It's the little choices that lead us down the road to ripped or the freeway to flab. And guess what? That's great news! Because it means that you don't have to run marathons—or even give up bratwurst—to start losing serious weight. Break these 7 Habits that Make You Fat , and you'll drop pounds, look great, and be healthier in no time.

Bonus Tip: If you tune out at the gym, your workout could suffer: A new study found that focusing on muscles as you work them can reap greater results. Employ these tricks to Become 22 Percent Stronger—Instantly.
Known to Cause Deadly Heart Attacks Since 1906 - So Why Haven't You Been
   Dr Huggins Discusses Root Canals
DNA testing shows that this procedure done by tens of millions of people can leak toxins into far-reaching locations in your body... And heart attacks could be transferred 100 percent of the time. Also linked to other serious conditions. Don't wait to find out the truth...
Is This the Most Dangerous Antibiotic of All?
Associated with a number of serious side effects such as potentially blinding retinal detachment, kidney failure and permanent tendon damage - many people don't read the warning labels before taking the drug. Terrifying consequences - don't fall into this trap...
Are You Concerned Over Genetically Modified Vaccines?   Vicky Debold on Gmo Vaccines
Genetically modified vaccines are already being produced - some are even on the recommended U.S. vaccine schedule - even though we know very little about their long-term effects.
The Daily Habit That Can Raise Your Cancer Risk Up to 58%   Devra Davis on Cell Phone Dangers
Adam Yauch, co-founder of the Beastie Boys, died of a parotid gland tumor of his left cheek - likely a result of this popular daily habit. This is just the start... If you engage in this habit for more than 266.3 hours in your lifetime (many do), your chance of getting this type of tumor increases by 49%.


Could this popular fish be making you sick?
Salmon is ultra-healthy, chock full of protein, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids that protect your heart, brain and bones. And Americans seem to know that—it ranks as the third most popular seafood in this country, just behind shrimp and canned tuna. What you might not know, however, is just how filthy this beloved fish can be. A new report found that certain salmon farms have increased their use of pesticides 110 percent over the past four years, polluting the oceans—and your body—with chemicals linked to neurological damage and other ills. Think that's bad? Salmon are also fed foods and medications suspected of making you fat and upping your diabetes risk, while at the same time making the fish less nutritious. Keep reading to find out The Truth about Salmon— and what you should be eating instead.

Bonus Tip: Freaked out over arsenic in rice? Research shows that cooking brown rice in a lot of water, as you do pasta, can lower levels of the dangerous mineral by 30 to 40 percent. That's just one of these 10 Easy Ways to Get Arsenic Out of Your Diet—check out the others right here. 
Dear Reader,

Few men realize that erectile dysfunction (ED) is an early
symptom of potential heart disease.

Most men are under the mistaken idea that erectile dysfunction is
an irreversible sentence that dooms them to a life of silent
misery and shame. So as a result of this misinformation they
usually put all their faith in the little blue pill.

Unfortunately the modern culture of consumerism has people
believing every symptom is a drug deficiency. Your sexual
virility is the fruit of having a healthy body and mind, which
means if you are experiencing problems performing in the bedroom,
you've been ignoring other messages your body has been trying
to tell you.

New discoveries are teaching leading researchers to step back and
take a closer look at the whole picture, rather than get
distracted or even obsessed with smaller details. In the past
Western medicine has focused strictly on the chemical and
mechanical details of an isolated health issues. 

I'm sure you'd agree that ignoring the cause of a
problem never makes it go away and in fact can only
make things worse. It's no different than ignoring an engine
light on your car's dashboard. What started out as something
minor eventually becomes more and more complex, until one day the
whole machine breaks down.

Here are the 7 Degenerative Signs of Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

1.     The first symptom is loss of cellular energy
2.     The second is cellular toxicity
3.     The third cellular stress
4.     The fourth cellular inflammation
5.     The fifth is cellular degeneration
6.     The sixth is cellular hardening
7.     The seventh is cellular mutation

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can have one or many of
these signs of degenerative health.

Loss of cellular energy slows waste elimination, which builds up
toxic body waste. The toxic waste backs up in the body and leads
to stress, triggering inflammation.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is very much an energy deficiency.
The first sign that you are dying is loss of energy, which as you
can see leads to everything you don't want.

The good news is you can prevent and reverse your temporary
erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms by using a natural proven
remedy that increases your energy and testosterone levels all at

1.  If you already have erectile dysfunction and you also have a
testosterone deficiency, you are in the highest risk for these
other health complications.

2.  If you are a male over 40 have a large waist, bad
cholesterol, high blood pressure or high blood sugar you are at
the highest risk for erectile dysfunction (1).
My friends at Barton Publishing have put together a special
report that covers these and many other natural ED remedies most
people - even most doctors - have never even heard of.

This report will help you turbo-charge your naturally free
testosterone levels, increase energy levels and regenerate
massive amounts of nitric oxide for steadfast sexual performance
on demand.

Find out more about it here.

Dr. Ringold

P.S. The kicker is using their proven ED remedy to reverse your
erectile dysfunction, you will also be reducing your risk of all
these other health problems simultaneously--Simply Because
You're Properly Addressing Their Common Root Cause!

P.P.S. With this simple remedy not only will you experience an
extraordinary surge in your sexual libido, you will feel an
overwhelming sense of well being, the likes of which you
haven't felt for decades . . . Guaranteed!

Learn more about this program here.
3 Diseases That May Actually be Good for You   Dr Palevsky Disease Vaccines 
We expose ourselves to the potential of "nasty coincidences" by resisting them - via a procedure that isn't backed up by any proper scientific studies. But could catching these diseases ultimately help our immune system, nervous system, and brain? 
Breast Cancer Risks Acquired in Pregnancy May Pass to Next 3 Generations 
Unhealthy exposures during pregnancy prompt negative epigenetic changes that are inherited through multiple generations.

GMOs: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Health

Today, it is estimated that 70 percent of foods found in grocery stores may contain bioengineered GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients. That means the genetic material of these foods has been altered by inserting foreign DNA from other plants or animals, even chemical pesticides. Dubbed “Frankenfoods” by GMO opponents, this process drastically changes the plant or animal genome from what nature intended into a large-scale biotech experiment. The problem is that we know very little at best about the long-term effects of GMO foods on human and animal health, farming and the environment. But preliminary studies show great cause for concern.
In the U.S., GMOs don’t have to be labeled on packaging. This keeps consumers unaware of their increasing presence in the grocery aisle. But this November, California voters will make history with the first mandatory GMO labeling initiative, Proposition 37. If passed, the law will require the labeling of all GMO foods sold to consumers in California. The European Union, Australia, Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic and South Korea have already adopted such measures. These governments recognize the importance of giving people the choice regarding whether they consume biotech industry experiments or natural whole foods.
The Right To Know
Consumer choice may be the most critical weapon in protecting against the health detriments that are likely caused by GMOs. Reputable human studies proving GMO safety are virtually non-existent. The studies that do suggest GMOs are safe are not adequately designed and do not reflect the long-term consequences of GMOs. This is the warning call sounded by a growing number of scientists, researchers and activists who urgently warn of GMO dangers. Furthermore, the supposed safety studies are funded by GMO industry giants such as Monsanto, demonstrating extreme conflicts of interest.  These are the same chemical corporations who “assured” the public that Agent Orange and DDT — two pesticides now banned in the U.S. — were “safe.”
What The Real Studies Show
What’s most concerning amid this controversy is the expanding body of published evidence suggesting that GMOs may be destroying health right before our eyes. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine suggests just that, claiming GMOs to be inherently unsafe. Even Food and Drug Administration scientists warned against the uncertainty of adding GMOs to the food chain and environment.
A growing number of independently published in vivo studies have analyzed the effects of feeding GMO foods to animals — mainly corn and soy — over the course of their lives. Results are extremely concerning and indicate:
  • Reduced fertility
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Organ damage
  • Accelerated aging
  • Allergies
  • Major changes in gastrointestinal system and other organs
  • Low birth weight
  • Cancer
  • Death
  • Other severe problems
These health effects merely scratch the surface of exposing possible GMO risks. Other crucial considerations include the potential for stronger antibiotic and drug-resistant bacteria to emerge, the need for heavier pesticides in the future and ongoing biological contamination of the environment with invasive plant species that can’t be controlled. For more information about GMO risks to human, animal and environmental health, visit the Institute for Responsible Technology  at
Most Common GMO Foods
Currently, organic labeling laws do not allow for GMOs to be certified organic. However, non-GMO farmers across the world are witnessing the inevitable cross-contamination from neighboring fields of GMO corn, soy and other crops. Therefore, it may be difficult to completely avoid GMOs.
The following list highlights the most common commercialized GMO foods in our food supply.
  • 94 percent of commercial soy
  • 90 percent of commercial cotton
  • 90 percent of commercial canola
  • 95 percent of commercial sugar beets
  • 88 percent of commercial corn
  • Meat and dairy from animals fed GMO feed
GMOs And Recent Health Epidemics
We still don’t know the long-term human health effects of GMOs. But we can draw parallels between their mass introduction to our food supply, starting in the late 1990s. Since then, food allergies have skyrocketed, particularly soy allergies. Gastrointestinal problems and metabolic diseases have also increased. Cancer is on the rise. Are GMOs to blame? Of all possible environmental factors involved in today’s chronic epidemics, diet is a primary influence. So we must consider GMO foods in this epidemiology equation.
Best Strategies For Protection
In the face of the dangers of GMOs, there are ways to help protect yourself. Here are my top recommendations for supporting your health in the face of GMO exposure:
  • Choose organic: An organic certification isn’t a completely failsafe protection, but choosing organic, non-GMO foods may reduce your exposure dramatically.
  • Support Digestion: Some in vivo GMO studies show that GMO foods change the gastrointestinal lining, causing increased cell proliferation, which can be a precursor to cancer. Reduced digestive enzymes were also noted, as well as increased allergies to non-GMO foods.
There are some effective ways to protect digestion with probiotic and prebiotic supplements; the minerals zinc and chromium; digestive enzymes such as amylase, protease and lipase; and herbs such as cinnamon, cardamom, pomegranate, ginger, lesser galangal with other digestive herbs. These ingredients improve digestive function, protect against harmful toxins and bacteria, help reduce inflammation and food allergies, and support the lining of the digestive tract. I recommend an integrative digestive formula containing these herbs and other ingredients for digestive health and protection. I also recommend taking a potent probiotic and prebiotic supplement.
  • Boost immunity: Immune system issues (and allergies) seem to be some of the first noticeable problems caused by GMO foods. There are a variety of ways to train immunity to better respond to allergens, microbes and foreign invaders. Medicinal mushrooms are excellent choices because they help to train immune cells to function better. They also reduce inflammation, help detoxify the body, support digestion and protect against cancer.
  • Protect DNA with antioxidants: Antioxidants are critical allies in protecting against DNA damage, repairing cells, reducing inflammation and fighting against abnormal cellular growth. Top antioxidant sources include vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, Glutathione, CoQ10, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, honokiol, sea buckthorn and others.
  • Protect organs and tissues with Modified Citrus Pectin: Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) regulates inflammation and fibrosis-related organ damage. It has also been proven in multiple studies to fight cancer growth and metastasis, reduce heavy metals and boost immunity. Because GMO foods are demonstrated to cause mutations related to abnormal cellular growth, organ damage and cancer, MCP is a valuable agent in helping to prevent these changes. And because it is also a powerful immune booster and helps detoxify the body, MCP may prove critical in protecting against GMOs.
Winning The Fight
The fight against GMO deception has been won in other countries. As more and more scientists and activist groups urge against the looming dangers of these biotech experiments, hopefully we can become better educated about the real risks — and take the necessary steps to protect the health of ourselves, our children and the environment. Before it’s too late.