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Master the Salad Bar: Bad news: Your salad is making you fat. Learn how to build a better bowl and get lean.
Feel Skinnier Now: Get that expanding gut under control with these foods that beat bloat.
Wrinkle Woes: Leave these foods in the rearview mirror so you don't see wrinkles in the bathroom mirror.
Cozy Up: Get through the dark winter months with the help of foods that keep you warm.
World’s Most Delicious Detox
Just one more. Okay, another one, but that’s it. Damn, I ate the whole bag! Junk food is addictive, and not because we love the taste. It’s the chemicals hidden within that make these empty calories crunchier and sweeter, and light up our brain’s pleasure receptors like a scoreboard. The bad news: Recent studies show that the more processed foods you consume, the more you weigh--regardless of how many calories you eat! But you can break free of junk food, end your addiction, and get back to eating real food with these instant, easy ways to ditch the processed stuff, for good.
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Should you be eating carbs if you want a flat belly?  The answer is YES.  But it's critical that you understand which carbs will accelerate your fatloss, and which will only pile on belly flab (including many of the carbs you think are healthy, like "whole grains" for instance).
Because this is a somewhat of a confusing topic, my friend Joel Marion went ahead and put together a 22 page free report that spells out the Top 5 Carbs for a Flat Belly, along with many so-called "healthy" carbs you must avoid if you ever want to lose those stubborn pounds.
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Numerous peer-reviewed studies have looked at the blood sugar, carbohydrate, and insulin management effects of consuming apple cider vinegar before and/or after a meal.
For example, one study showed a 19% decrease in blood sugar levels when consuming 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar after a high carbohydrate meal.
Another study in which participants consumed 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed resulted in their morning fasting blood sugar levels decreasing by 4%.
But what are the actual results of apple cider (ACV) vinegar on fatloss?  Well, there has only been one study conducted looking at ACV and weightloss directly, that being a 175-participant study conducted in Japan.  In the study, 175 obese but otherwise healthy individuals consumed either AVC or water daily for 12 weeks.  At the end of the study period, the AVC group lost 1 - 2 pounds each while the water group lost no weight.  Unfortunately, the AVC group gained the small loss back shortly after the study period.
We don't know about you, but downing vinegar daily to experience a 1 - 2 pound loss over a 3 month period, only to gain it right back, doesn't sound like an effective weight management strategy to us!  If you're in agreement, you'll be happy to know that at the link below my good friend and top nutritionist Joel Marion is going to show you our #1 carb-fighting trick that you can use each and every time you eat carbs (that actually works).
This simple carb-fighting "ritual" is shown through peer-reviewed research to:
*Lower your blood sugar
*Increase insulin sensitivity
*Decrease fat storage
*Increase fat burning
Even better, there's no vinegar required, you can perform it in just a few seconds, and again, it actually WORKS!
Learn The Secrets!
Write This Down: You’re going to love the new additions to our list of the top snack foods in America.
No More McD’s: You’ll never want to eat at the Golden Arches again after this.
Simply Delicious: Easy and filling snacks the diet pros eat when they’re trying to slim down.
Got 10 Minutes?: That’s all the time you need to start slimming down with these 10 tricks.
The Diet Destroyer Hiding in Your House
Anyone who has ever tried to build a better body knows that protein plays a key role in weight loss, muscle building and recovery. While many people turn to foods like beef, fish and chicken to get their fix, relying on animal proteins alone isn’t the healthiest way to meet the day’s requirement. Plus, chicken breast gets pretty boring. Make mealtime muscle-building and slimming without the monotony by mixing these meat-free proteinsinto your diet.
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“Unhealthy” Foods
That Blast Fat
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Foods get bad reputations, just like celebrities. But not all foods deserve it! We found a number of nutrient-packed eats that won’t pack on the pounds, despite what you’ve heard. In fact, all of them tip the scale in your favor. Learn the truth about some of these belly-blasting foods—and add some of your favorite diet no-nos to the menu, guilt-free.
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This Mistake Invites Flab with Open Arms - Yet Doctors Routinely Advise It   carb loaded diabetes
Many doctors operate from an older flawed understanding of this mechanism that directs your body to store extra sugars as flab. But make this mistake, and you in essence tell your body to store even more, and soon you're bigger than ever. Do this instead...

Far Better Than Organic, This Is the Healthiest Kind of Produce   regenerating soil
This new movement is gaining momentum, and offers you a level of micronutrients you never dreamed possible. The pioneers of this movement shun the word organic as the standard, trading it for this... Is your produce on par with it?

It Seems Harmless, But It Boosts Your Risk of Diabetes by 90% and Lung Cancer by 54%   effects prolonged sitting
If there was one simple thing you could stop doing that would significantly slash your risk of "the big three" - diabetes, cardiovascular events, and cancer - would you do it? Here's what it is... 

Bad News for US McDonald's French Fries Lovers   mcdonalds fries ingredients
If you love McDonald's French fries and live in the US, I have some bad news for you... really bad. While in the UK, all you're eating is potatoes and oil - their US stores are harboring a deep, dark secret...

Are Victims Coming Down with Measles - Or Something Else?   measles disneyland
Few people - and even doctors - are aware of this CDC warning about what may be mistaken for measles. And you can't know for sure unless there is expensive RNA lab testing done to confirm the virus. Should you or a loved one get a measles vaccine?

30 Times More Nutritious Than Most Organic Vegetables - You Can Easily Grow Them in Only 7 Days   sprouts nutrition
You don't need a green thumb or even a garden plot to produce these nutrient-dense foods. Amaze your family and friends (and yourself) with this simple do-it-yourself project that takes very little time and money. One of the easiest ways to give your meals a major, healthy boost.
7 Healthiest Foods on the Planet
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They’re edible ammo, the Power Rangers of the produce aisle—color-coded, disease-fighting ninjas with superior strength and unique weaponry to enhance immune function, combat an army of health antagonists and help you lose weight. They are, in fact, the healthiest foods on the planet. Here’s the ultimate Eat This, Not That! list of super-charged produce and the tips you need to maximize their benefits. Read em, eat em, and reap the bennies.
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Build More Muscle (No Workout Required) and More
weight-loss pic
The Easy Tweak That Builds More Muscle
With this easy diet trick, you'll see lean gains in no time, no workout required!
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10 Healthy Cooking Essentials
Before you start cooking to lose weight, you’ll need to outfit your kitchen with the right tools.
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5 Ways You're Making Your Cravings Worse
Plus, ways to fight back against those I-want-it-now feelings!
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I recently got involve with a new business and I thought that I have to share it with you. Don't worry there's no obligation. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
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NAYANGU Founder & Chief Executive Officer Jose(Joe) Fabregas
Intro to the Different types of Compensation Plans: The Stairstep Compensation Plan, The UniLevel Compensation Plan, The Matrix Compensation Plan, The Binary Compensation Plan, The Hybrid Compensation Plan.
NAYANGU has a Hybrid Compensation Plan. In Nayangu, there's no selling, no massive recruiting just consuming organic all natural without chemicals products and you can earn a lot of money. We use the 4:40 system which is you only sponsor 4 people and consume 40BV a month, that simple.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Foot spray

Regulate sweating and ultimately get rid of germs, fungi and bacteria. It effectively takes away the odor within minutes of spraying. It even works well on hard to reach skin and in between toes. Uniquely blended with natural essential oils, experience freedom and keep your feet sanitized and fresh all day.
INGREDIENTS: bamboo grass extract, lemongrass, green tea, peppermint and calamansi essential oils, lemongrass and citronella hydrosols, menthol, vitamin E, virgin coconut oil, natural solubilizer, distilled water
Refresh - Masculine Spray

Who says it’s only for women? Men can also stay clean and fresh with a personal care product that not only helps prevent itchiness and rashes caused by dryness on intimate areas – an on-the-go natural treatment ideal for active men keen on staying clean and fresh.
INGREDIENTS: sandalwood, bamboo extract, peppermint , lemongrass hydrosol, menthol, virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, natural solubilizer, distilled water
Hand spray

Protect yourself at all times with a spray-on hand sanitizer that helps prevent sweaty palms. Made from plant extracts suspended in lemongrass hydrosol water, Handshake has a gentle cleaner with a high wetting power allowing it to be absorbed through the folds of our hands.
INGREDIENTS: oil extracts of lemongrass, sweet orange, green tea and calamansi, lemongrass hydrosol, vitamin E, virgin coconut oil, natural solubilizer, distilled water

Blossom - Feminine Spray

The best intimate feminine solution that is formulated with lavender infused in a gentle cleaner mixed with a zest of mint giving way for a cool, clean and fresh feeling all day. Experience a practical feminine leave-on sanitizing product that comes very handy especially during red seasons.
INGREDIENTS: lavender, peppermint , lemongrass hydrosol, menthol, virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, natural solubilizer, distilled water

Breathe - Mouth Spray

Feel confident with your next engagement as you’re sure to enjoy relaxing conversations without having to worry if you’re breath is starting to make an embarrassment out of you. Breathe easy and keep feeling refreshed all day with a handy, alcohol free mouth spray laced with stevia and xylitol.
INGREDIENTS: peppermint , spearmint, lemongrass hydrosol, stevia, xylitol, virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, natural solubilizer, distilled water


Get caught in tight situations without ever feeling conscious. Feel liberated as you can freely express yourself knowing that your daily protection keeps germs, bacteria and fungi away. This spray-on deo has all natural ingredients keeping you fresh all day, everyday.
INGREDIENTS: bamboo grass extract, lemongrass, green tea, peppermint and calamansi essential oils, lemongrass and citronella hydrosols, menthol, vitamin E, virgin coconut oil, natural solubilizer, distilled water
Lung Aid Plus

This respiratory formulation helps prevent and control viral infections, promotes healthy lung tissue and strengthens the body’s defenses.
Weight Winner

Winner is formulated with an effective organic and scientifically balanced blend of fat-burning botanicals from around the world. Dr. C’s Winner is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. The “secret” to healthy weight is a properly functioning endocrine system. Appetite control is a function of the brain, specifically the hypothalamus. Therefore, the core solution to weight loss problems is a healthy hypothalamus.

Rebuild can truly transform your life, health and even your beliefs about disease and health. A synergistic blend of potent, pure and organic ingredients in a vegetable capsule, Rebuild repairs the body, maintains healthy tissues and supports strong stem cells and immune system.

Complete Vitamins & Minerals

M+, Multi-vitamins and minerals plus enzymes and phytochemicals, 100% vegetable capsules ,contains complete nutrients that our body needs every day.
They say it is not how much you take that matters but what your body actually absorbs. The vitamins and minerals we need must come from the natural food we eat to enable full absorption by our body. 
How nutritious is the food we take? With the proliferation of instant food, we supplement to get the missing nutrients our body needs. In fact, it matter if the supplements we take are the best money could buy- which means, expensive.
The intelligent question is, is it natural or a mere synthetic simulation of the genuine article?

Waste not, want not with m+.
Switch to the all-natural, organic choice because each m+ capsule provides you with:
Nutrition Advantage
Health Benefits
17x more calcium than milk
25x more iron than spinach
15x more potassium than bananas
59 antioxidants
57 phytonutrient compounds
45 anti-inflammatory ingredients
20 kinds of amino acids

Normalized blood pressure
Carbohydrate metabolizer
Builds muscle
Promotes normal growth

Irritant free
NO inactive binders
NO fillers
NO coatings
NO lubricant
NO coloring

Each m+ capsule you take is a rich source of
Vitamins + Minerals you need daily to optimize your body functions
A (Beta Carotene) + B1 (Thiamine) + B2 (Riboflavin) + B3 (Niacin) + B6 (Pyrodixine)
+ B7 (Biotin) + Vit. C + D (Cholecalciferol) + E (Tocopherol) + K+ Calcium
+ Copper + Iron + Potassium +Magnesium + Manganese,+ Zinc
Gluco Balance Plus

Balance is a potent organic blend of proven anti-diabetic botanicals. Research and clinical studies show that Balance not only exhibits a potent blood sugar lowering effect, but also has strong liver triglyceride-lowering activities.
Colon Klenz

This powerful, organic, and non-habit forming herbal formula promotes regular, healthy and complete bowel movements. Cleanse stimulates and strengthens the muscular movement of your colon, removes accumulated poisons and toxins from your body, and tones your body’s waste removal system.

Regarding the Cleanse product. Before taking any vitamin supplements, take Cleanse first because it will clean your colon. You will going to have regular bowel movements. It will take out toxins inside your body. Taking vitamin supplements without cleansing your colon will just be a waste of money because the vitamin minerals will not be absorbed by your body because of the toxins. If your colon in clean and without those toxic waste all the vitamin minerals will be absorbed by your body. Cleanse is not a stool softener nor laxative. You won't go to the bathroom as if you're having a diarrhea or an urge to go every minute. It will just make your bowel movements regularly. It's organic and all natural supplement.
Intro to the Different types of Compensation Plans: The Stairstep Compensation Plan, The UniLevel Compensation Plan, The Matrix Compensation Plan, The Binary Compensation Plan, The Hybrid Comp Plan.…
VIDEO PRESENTATION!!! A must watch video!!!
NAYANGU Founder & Chief Executive Officer Jose(Joe) Fabregas

Friday, February 13, 2015

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Sweat-Free Calorie Burns: Five weight-loss tricks even couch potatoes can master.
Shake Your Way Slim: Add a sprinkle of these spices to your meals to boost fat loss.
Do-Si-Don’ts: Girl Scout cookies earn a demerit badge for including these unhealthy ingredients.
Whole Eating Made Easy: No-sacrifice ways to cut out the packaged junk and get back to eating real food.