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Dangers of Dehydration
Don't be fooled.

"Sports drinks" and "energy drinks" are typically laden with calories, sugars, fats, hydrogenated oils, chemicals, and artificial dyes that make them look like radiator fluid. Sure, they might give an artificial, short-term boost, but they actually end up dehydrating the body as it works to get rid of all the toxins.

Healthy hydration is a major key to physical performance. And it helps you avoid muscle fatigue and injuries. But healthy hydration must occur at the cellular level. Instead of robbing your body of hydration, learn how to get key electrolytes andrehydrate your body
A simple substitution that could save your life
Dear Reader,

Breaking news, everyone! Results are in from the very first randomized controlled trial to stack two types of rice--white and brown--against each other.

Although I have to wonder who funded this study. Because frankly, it's a little ridiculous.
I mean, we've known about the danger of white rice--not to mention white bread, white potatoes, and every other processed "white" food you can think of--forever . So why does it still shock researchers?

I simply can't believe they're that dumb. (Well, maybe I can.) But since they went to the trouble, let's talk about their results.

Compared to people who consumed large amounts of white rice, overweight and obese subjects eating a brown-rice-based diet had 20 percent lower blood sugar. And they also had 57 percent lower fasting insulin levels.

These results are hardly surprising. But they do illustrate huge strides in blood sugar balance and diabetes control. And they were achieved with one simple dietary substitution--brown rice for white rice. Nothing else was changed.

I don't have to explain the benefit this kind of lifestyle change could have from a public health perspective. We're talking about the potential for dramatic reductions in one of the world's most horrible diseases. All from a simple swap.

Now just imagine if you exercised, took a few vitamin supplements, and--gasp!--stopped eating rice altogether .

The results would be astonishing. Because at the end of the day, even brown rice turns into sugar in your body. And sugar kills.

I know these study results appear to put brown rice in a positive light. But, really, brown rice is simply the lesser of two evils. It may be a better choice. But that doesn't make it a good choice, by any definition.

Taking it off your plate entirely could make a life-changing difference. And lucky for all of us, it couldn't be easier to do. Because if there's one useful takeaway this study gave us, it's that staying trim and healthy is not hard.

Look, I am not naturally thin, either. I have to work at it. So imagine my relief when I discovered what a fun, easy, and delicious endeavor it can be.

And that's why everything I write about here, every piece of advice I share with you, involves simple solutions to problems most people think are monumental.

It's like my mother always used to say. You can choose to make a task hard. Or you can choose to make it easy. It's up to you.

Well, I have chosen to make things easy. And you can too

Proof that preventing disease doesn't require deprivation

I know I talk a lot about eliminating sugar from your diet. If you want to stay healthy, it's just a non-negotiable fact.

But honestly, I prefer to focus on what you can eat. Which is precisely why studies like this one always make my day.

New research published in the Journal of Nutrition surveyed 2,000 women on their daily flavonoid intake. This was the largest study yet to examine the disease-fighting power of food.

And lo and behold. Results showed that a diet rich in flavones and anthocyanins--the same compounds that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors--can lower insulin resistance and improve blood sugar control.

But that's not all. It can also slash inflammation levels. And as I've explained many times before, inflammation is a major smoking gun behind every chronic, deadly disease in the book.

So go ahead and eat well--you have my permission. Sit down with a bowl of strawberries. Cook with fresh herbs by the handful. And by all means, indulge in some rich, dark chocolate whenever you have the chance. (The darker the better, of course.)

Because these anthocyanin-packed foods aren't just delicious. They'll beat back disease with every bite, too.

Until next time,

Dr. Fred


Replace White Rice With Brown to Cut Obesity and Diabetes. Medscape. Jan 16, 2014.

"Intakes of Anthocyanins and Flavones Are Associated with Biomarkers of Insulin Resistance and Inflammation in Women." J Nutr. 2014 Feb;144(2):202-8. 
The Wildest Healthcare Story of 2014

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Renowned University Medical Doctor Creates
Landmark Study on Anti-Aging
MILWAUKEE  — A remarkable study that was published in the prestigiousNew England Journal of Medicine has revealed it may be possible to dramatically reverse the effects of aging.
The study used subjects between the ages of 61-84 with the purpose of determining if aging effects such as decreased lean muscle mass, increased fat and thin skin could be slowed down or reversed.
The lead author of this breakthrough study, Dr. Daniel Rudman was the author or co-author of 173 papers, articles and book chapters.
Dr. Rudman's startling discovery revealed that the men in this study emerged with bodies that by many measures were almost 20 years younger than the ones they started with.
In fact, the results were so incredible it has many highly respected medical experts predicting a future where aging will become a thing of the past.

Listen, for example, to this amazing statement by Dr. Ronald Klatz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine:

"The reality for 76 million Baby Boomers will be an average life span in excess of 100 years, with unexpectedly good health -- so much so, in fact, that you will scarcely be able to tell a fit and active 65-year old from a healthy and athletic 105-year-old."
To read on about these remarkable anti-aging secrets that scientists have unlocked click right here.
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FDA Announces: All American Raw Meat to Be Banned in 2015
First they did it to milk. Now in a major push to protect consumers from tainted American meat, only pre-cooked meat will be available from grocers. And forget about getting raw meat directly from farmers as they will be forced to tag all animals with transmitters.

Roundup Toxicity May Impact Male Fertility: Study
Exposure to a commonly used herbicide on genetically modified (GM) crops could be to blame for rising rates of male infertility.
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Why TV dinners can double your risk of death
Dear Reader,

I'd be willing to bet you don't know how much phosphorus you eat. But you should. Because I just found out that more than a third of all Americans eat a diet that's too high in phosphorus. And according to a new study of nearly 10,000 adults, their overall mortality risk is twice as high as people with lower phosphorous intakes.

Those are absolutely stunning statistics. And they're even more shocking when you consider phosphorus isn't some rogue toxin. It's an essential mineral that your bodyneeds to function properly.

Phosphorus-rich foods include pumpkin seeds, cheese, salmon, scallops, brazil nuts, pork, beef, and lentils. All pretty healthy right? In fact, most of these foods are regular staples of my New Hamptons Health Miracle.

But these foods aren't the main sources of phosphorus in the U.S. diet. And they're not the ones causing the excess-phosphorus problems.

No, the excess dietary phosphorus wreaking havoc on Americans' health is coming from food additives. And more specifically, from inorganic phosphates.

Manufacturers put these in their processed and packaged food products as preservatives, anti-caking agents, and stabilizers.

But your body absorbs these inorganic phosphates in greater quantities than the phosphorus that's naturally present in fresh foods. And that's a major problem. Because in excess, phosphorus can harden your arteries, cause endothelial dysfunction, and lead directly to heart attacks, strokes, and chronic kidney disease.

Just to give you an idea of the scope of this concern, let me share a few statistics. Nearly half of the 2,394 best-selling grocery brands feature phosphorus additives. That includes:
  • 72 percent of all prepared frozen foods
  • 70 percent of dry food mixes
  • 65 percent of packaged meats
  • 57 percent of bread and baked goods
  • 54 percent of soups
  • 51 percent of yogurts

Not surprisingly, these phosphorus-spiked foods also cost considerably less than additive-free options. So it's no wonder they sell better, isn't it?

Now do you see why I think there's a big conspiracy to make everyone in this country sick? The government subsidizes unhealthy ingredients, making them cheaper. Manufacturers invent processing techniques and chemical additives to make the resulting "frankenfoods" cheaper still. Americans then happily buy--and eat--these poisons in bulk.

It's a brilliant system--if you happen to work in Big Agribusiness, Big Pharma, or as a lobbyist for these evil twin empires. But if you happen to be the average American?

Well you definitely got the short end of this particular stick.

But you don't have to accept it. Opting out of this raw deal is as simple as being smarter about the food you buy. And your first step should be away from processed, chemical-laden, packaged foods-and toward fresh, organic, local protein and produce.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating. If a food even has a label, that's strike one against it. You aren't likely to see any nutrition facts listed on the fruits, vegetables, and meats at your nearest farmer's market. Or even in the produce and butcher section of your supermarket.

And guess what? That's exactly where you should be doing the bulk of your shopping.

Until next time,

Dr. Fred


"High dietary phosphorus intake is associated with all-cause mortality: results from NHANES III." Am J Clin Nutr. 2014 Feb;99(2):320-7. 
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5 Things The Best Diets Have in Common
If you're about to embark on a weight-loss regimen, then you know how many options exist these days—and how incredibly confusing they all are. High this, low that, no whatever—it's tricky to get a handle on which ones are just fads and which are based on solid research. Well, we're about to make it easier for you. David Katz, M.D., who heads up Yale University's Prevention Research Center, and his colleague Stephanie Meller took on the task of comparing the existing medical research on popular plans. Their results were just published in the journal Scientific Reviews. And they found 5 things that all great diets for weight loss have in common. 
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The MISSING PIECE discovery that finally
makes sugar support easy
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"Stowaway sugar."

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What you must know before
you agree to a mammogram
Dear Reader,

I've never been a big fan of mammograms. This is primarily due to their all-too-common overuse. The insistence upon yearly pictures is bad enough. But even the slightest abnormality then leads to multiple views and six-month repeats.

And guess what? If you radiate a tissue repeatedly, you are going to cause cancer in your efforts to detect it.

Now, if you think the reason for this overzealousness in testing is to protect women's lives, think again. It's protocol simply because mammography is one of the most litigious areas in all of medicine.

In other words, the docs handing out mammograms get sued regularly. So they overtest to make absolutely sure they don't miss anything. And they intervene at even the faintest whiff of trouble.

That's just the way things are done today. Which is exactly why this latest study made front page headlines around the world. Among the most succinct was a piece in theNew York Times, simply titled "Vast Study Casts Doubt on Value of Mammograms."

What these researchers were trying to find out through their study was whether there is any advantage to finding breast cancers when they were too small to feel. It's a topic I've discussed here repeatedly. And I wasn't at all surprised to hear that the answer to this question was basically NO.

I counsel patients regularly on screening exams, starting with the risks and benefits of these practices. And I am happier than ever that I have always been conservative with my advice regarding mammograms.

In the past, I've generally recommended a baseline mammogram at 45, followed by screening every two years after the age of 50. (That's if you don't have a family history of breast cancer.)

But it's absolutely worth exploring alternative screening methods that don't use radiation. (Especially if you fall into a higher risk category.)

Ultrasound and MRI tests are both very sensitive alternatives to mammogram. The former is particularly useful for women who have dense breasts. While the latter is better at picking up earlier stages of breast cancer.

Unfortunately these tests are also more expensive than mammograms. And you may have to fight with your insurance company to receive coverage for them. Which is one reason why the mammogram has continued to reign supreme.

This is just another sad reality of breast cancer screening protocols in this country. But it's not even the reason I'm commenting on this study today. After all, you know how I feel about the risk of overdiagnosis when it comes to cancer testing by now.

The reason I'm sharing this story with you is to comment on all of the letters to the editor that I just read this morning.

Every single one of them was emotionally charged. There were loads of women asking questions like, "how can a doctor deny me a screening that could save my life?" Or making comments like, "I'm glad my two breast cancers were detected early."

And so on and so on. Nothing in medicine is without controversy. But there are few procedures in medicine that carry as big an emotional component as the mammogram.

We do a lot of irrational things in medicine--but especially in the "war" on cancer. People are frightened of cancer and therefore tend to do things that make no logical sense in their efforts to fight it.

This is understandable, of course. Cancer is serious and it's scary. But as a doctor, it's my job to keep my head on straight for my patients. And to help them make decisions based on scientific evidence.

Many people, once handed a diagnosis, rush into treatment decisions because everyone thinks something should be done yesterday. But just because we can detect a disease earlier doesn't mean we need to do something about it.

In fact, a test should only ever be performed in the first place if its results are going to change your course of treatment or behavior. Doctors have been warning men about PSA tests for years for this very reason. And lately, mammograms are beginning to look just as problematic.

So the best advice I can give is simply to educate yourself.

Take the time to get all of your options in a row. Choose the best one for you. And then believe in it, with all of your heart and soul.

Nearly one in seven women in this country is diagnosed with breast cancer. With all the treatments and surgeries that follow these diagnoses, it's become a highly profitable disease. But is all of this necessary?

You know my answer. But I guess only time will tell for certain.

Until next time,

Dr. Fred


"Vast study casts doubt on value of mammograms." New York Times. 11 Feb. 2014. 
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Big Pharma Shill to Head the Institute Of Medicine
The Institute of Medicine is supposed to provide unbiased health information, but their new president comes with extensive corporate connections.
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1) Your production of nitric oxide begins decreasing when you hit 40—and plummets even further the older you get. That can cause your blood pressure to rise… your circulation to slow… your memory to fail… and your sex life to vanish.
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Dear Reader, 

This video is not for the faint of heart.

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