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Strange "instant pain relief" secret caught on video
Have you seen the weird "little brown bottle" video?

In the short video, you can see how more than 535,311 people have discovered an underground sensation in pain relief -- with NO mass media advertising. Some people are saying that just one or two drops of a clear substance relieved their pain instantly -- and for hours or DAYS.

If you or a loved one is suffering from arthritis, shoulder, hip, or joint pain you MUST see this brief viral video. It will only take a moment, and your pain could finally be gone.

In fact, the little brown bottle is a nightmare for those highly paid "Pain Specialist" MDs. So I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to get the video banned or discredited. While it's up there, watch it now
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Right now, these FIVE toxins
are destroying your body
A shocking EPA report confirms-the five most dangerous toxins are lurking inside 100% of Americans tested. 100%!

That means dangerous chemicals could be hard at work crushing your metabolism, sapping your energy, sabotaging your immune system OR WORSE.

Tune into this revealing presentation and learn what these dangerous chemicals are doing to your body and how you can help your body naturally…DEFEAT TOXIC BUILDUP IN JUST 14 DAYS!

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Why are these doctors canceling colonoscopies?

This unbelievable video reveals why M.D.'s overseas are crossing routine colonoscopies OFF their calendars at a record pace... And the reckless reason American doctors are still putting your life in danger. One medical insider now wants to make it clear—skipping your next colonoscopycould SAVE YOUR LIFE.
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Hormones not only affect aging, but can also help foretell whether you'll suffer cognitive decline. But before you do anything else, discover which foods and supplements can help counteract (or contribute to) imbalances in the first place.
9 Ways That Eating Processed Food Made the World Sick and Fat
If you want to make just one change to shed pounds and get healthier, ditching processed foods may make the most impact.
This Food Causes Massive Tumors But Why Do Some Scientists Still Say It's Healthy?   silencing scientific dissents
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The Unhealthiest Juices in America
Even the very best fruit juice isn't as nutritious as the fruit it originally came from, because the fiber that makes a piece of fruit so filling has been stripped away. Not all juices are terrible, but some do nothing more than pass through your GI tract like a steady stream of sugar. 
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why are these doctors
canceling colonoscopies?
Colonoscopy CrisisThis video is not for the faint of heart.

These recently discovered details are gruesome…but they change everything we know about colonoscopies.

And many doctors will not reveal this information to their patients. Why? Because they can't stand to part with the $7,000 (or more) price tags.

Just watch one minute of this presentation and you'll understand--canceling your next colonoscopy could be the best decision you've ever made for your health.

When you're ready--visit here.

If you're 50, and especially if you're over 65--you must watch this presentation. This new information regarding colonoscopies could save your life 
The latest cover-up
of America’s killer wheat crop
Dear Reader,

Remember what I told you on Monday about conflicts of interest and disclosure in modern standards of care? Well, needless to say, these dodgy recommendations aren't limited to medical guidelines.

You'll find the same kinds of lies swirling around wheat. And the consequences have been just as devastating to public health.

Case in point: A group of researchers writing in a recent issue of the Journal of Cereal Science , rejected the idea that wheat causes obesity or sickness as "rubbish." (And yes, that's the name of a real publication--I couldn't make that one up if I tried.)

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of this rhetoric. After all, this is the second grossly misleading dismissal to take place in the nutrition world so far this year. (And it's only February!)

First they went after vitamin advocates, and urged people to "stop wasting money" on supplements. And now, they want everyone to think doctors who speak out against wheat--myself among them--are crazy.

I'm sorry, but wheat causes very real health problems for an increasingly high number of Americans. Yet, these so-called "experts" have the audacity to insist this basic fact (which we, as doctors with extensive clinical experience, know to be true) is based on impure science.

Well guess what? If you ask a bunch of cereal guys if cereal is bad for you, what do you think they're going to say?

Never mind all the patients I've treated, who have improved the minute I eliminated gluten from their diets. Or all the suspicious blood test results I've seen. Or the fact that farmers feed grain to animals in order to fatten them up. And pay no attention to the fact that there have been dozens of best-selling books that have helpedmillions lose weight by taking wheat off the menu. (Including The Hamptons Diet, The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, and Wheat Belly, just to name a few.)

Apparently, it's simply all rubbish.
These scientists (and I use that term loosely) argue that targeting one type of food as a cause of obesity--as opposed to chalking weight gain up to overconsumption and underactivity in general--is a mistake. Despite the fact that wheat sales have grown in direct proportion to this country's collectively expanding waistline.

One look at the food court of a typical American mall will supply all the evidence you need. Yet, these "experts" continue to deny the mere suggestion that wheat plays anyrole in our nation's ballooning health crisis. Or that it could have any adverse effect whatsoever outside of a full-fledged allergy.

Yet the same team was quick to assign blame to fat, high fructose corn syrup, and added sugar as bonafide causes of obesity.

I mean, honestly. Do they have any idea what they're talking about?

Did they forget wheat becomes sugar in the body?

But this simple fact doesn't even cover half the danger wheat poses to human health. It's also a poison because of modern genetic modification. And these researchers practically admit it themselves!

They acknowledge modern wheat crops exist because of GMO farming--leading to higher yields, greater pest resistance, and ease of processing. But, they say, there's simply no scientific proof that these benefits come at a price, nutritionally or otherwise.

And do you want to know why there's no proof?

Because no one will pay for that study. Big Agribusiness controls the purse strings here. And they've got all their funds tied up in another big experiment. One that uses all of us as test subjects, whether we like it or not.

As far as they're concerned, the less anyone knows about the harmful effects of genetic modification the better.

This "research" is nothing more than a dying industry in the throes of damage control. They're trying to stop the rapid profit declines they continue to face, as the public finds out the truth, in spite of their efforts.

And the truth is, just like sugar, wheat kills. 

Until next time,

Dr. Fred

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Monday, February 3, 2014

The 11 Worst Burgers in America
The average restaurant burger used to weigh in at about 333 calories. But today's typical version is nearly twice that—600 calories on average! Burgers can still be a healthy and satisfying dose of protein, though, if you know what to look for. Start right now by identifying and eliminating the bad ones.
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Fat Future
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